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Most of the anti-abortion people seem to forget is that Kermit Gosnell's clinics DID NOT MEET ANY OF THE ESTABLISHED REQUIREMENTS. If you continue to pass legislation that makes it harder for reputable clinics to operate you create an environment where the Gosnell-like clinics will flourish. You would think that people in here would understand that. When governments pass excessive regulations, it is only the ones following the rules that suffer.
According to Senator Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound) there was only one out of state expert who registered to speak against the bill. of the thousands of people testifying, it was 2 to 1 against the bill. You and the hard-core religious right are only seeing the 20 week ban part of the bill and not the harm and the extreme overstep of government that is in the rest of the bill
Milla Perry Jones is vice president of government relations at United Surgical Partners International, an Addison, Texas company that runs hospitals and surgery centers, and the only clinics in Texas that will meet the standards set forth in the Texas Abortion Bill. Milla Perry Jones is also the sister of Governor Perry. Have you read the bill? This bill will end up causing all but about 6 clinics to close in Texas (yes those that are owned bu Ms Perry Jones's company will be compliant). If they were concerned about raising healthcare standards, then why don't they apply the same requirements to plastic surgery centers? For the record, plastic surgery has a near 40% higher mortality rate then abortion clinics.
First of all, less than 1.4% of all abortions take place in the third trimester. Of that total less than 1% are done for non-medical needs. All the time and money spent on this is a total waste. The 20 week ban is a smoke-screen for the draconian and cronyism kickbacks that are in the rest of the bill. Open your eyes and see what they are trying to do here. Abortions are bad, but being whipped into a frenzy to pass a bad law is worse.
It must be pointed out that the ONLY clinics that meet the standards listed in this bill are owned by United Surgical Partners International, who has Milla Perry Jones as a Vice President. For those that don't know, Milla Perry Jones is Governor Rick Perry's sister. Also, this bill requires that any woman that wants to take a "morning after" or "plan B" pill must do so in the presence of a doctor at one of the approved clinics. With only five of these clinics in the state of Texas, that would result in women going to un-regulated and un-licensed clinics (a much WORSE situation than today).
The TexLege is using the 20 ban as the lead for implementing many damaging regulations. I hope all the "pro-lifers" are pleased with being used as a political tool to pass this bill, that is cronyism at its worst.
no, that is what they will have to resort to when nearly all the health clinics in Texas are closed. (Except the ones that are run by Gov. Perry's Sister's company)
Who is stronger than Rick Perry in 2016? Try anyone.
your shoe cannot enter into a legal contract. Neither can a minor nor any other nonliving nor non-human.
on #3, no. There is evidence of what Aristotle and Socrates said and what they said can be proven in other sources. There is no other verifiable proof of the bible/quran outside of the bible/quran. In fact, there is nothing written in the bible/quran that could not have been written by first century CE man. If there is anything written in the bible that was not known or understood by first CE man then there would be an example of divine inspiration.
No, we rage at theists that try to force a society that says there is a god as described in the bible. Atheists say "no, there isn't." Then you start quoting your flawed book. That is what makes atheists rage.
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