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Well . . . since the beheaded journalists are no longer around to voice opinions, perhaps Sen. U-haul would look a little less foolish if he would refrain from making things up about them. What a low blow.
Silly Senators. . . Employers "NOW" do not dictate birth control choices. . . . and thankfully, they are also "NOW" "NOT RESPONSIBLE" for having to "PAY" for all of those choices.
Sands probably also doesn't understand how to change her underwear.
Really now. . . haven't heard any leftist give such a warning before now. . . . So today the word is suddenly offensive when yesterday it wasn't ?? Hmmm. Hypocrites.
Right . . . . . . . . . and she was also on top of everything that happened in Benghazi too.
Oh and let me guess . . . this whole thing started with a video, right?
Well. . . now we know he takes his cues from Hillary.
wow . . . . that's their defense of this?
So now we know. . . This administration will trade 5 known, dangerous terrorists for 1 deserter . . . but hasn't lifted a finger to help the kids or wife of an American imprisioned in Sudan because she's a 'christian'. . . . now we know.
Ronald Reagan won elections by refusing to compromise.
I thought we had a military that had been doing that. Quit de-funding the military.
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