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Got news for you - even if they abandon it - they'll still be on defense because of it.
Ok, ok - we already know she was up to her neck in all of this. The real question is - will the House actually DO anything about it.
Great. . . perhaps she'll get her campaign funds from the condom companies supported by tax dollars we pay to supply her condoms. . . Just great.
Well, Democrats are certainly responsible for the last 6 years. . . finally good to hear the asylum inmate admit it.
Perhaps his ugly performance in office has something to do with his ugly approval ratings...
So she doesn't have time to give any answers about Benghazi. . . well she does seem to have time to follow the 'brainwashed liberal talking points'.
How about an apology from A&E? I'm done with them. . .
Yes, she may have thrown him under the bus . . . but her neck was tied to him.
Yeah-right. As I understand it, Time is connected to Time-Life. A number of years back Life magazine announced God was dead. It was much later. . . that God was still around . .. and Life magazine was dead. Anyone paying attention to what Time says has certified themselves as an idiot. (and yes. . . that's a period after idiot)
Interesting. . . . Cuccinelli just ran for Governor next door from him . . . and he didn't lift a finger to help him. Just what, I wonder, does he consider a Republican running for Governor?
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