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I like walking barefoot in the grass, it makes me feel good. Deep breathing is good for me and helps me relax when stressed. Sugar is much less fattening than high fructose corn syrup. Foot massages are awesome! There's nothing wrong with alternative health care, and a lot of it is well founded. But government and business need a wall of separation to be built between them. It's going to be hard, but if we don't start doing it now our traditional way of life, which is already on its last legs, will go the way of the dinosaur. Don't trust career politicians of either party. They are almost all demagogues who say what you want to hear but don't walk the talk. They're mostly only looking out for themselves. Elect outsider politicians
Literally. He's in the closet. Michelle is a beard.
Anyone in the congress can impeach him. What would happen at the trial is another issue.
Dear leader. That's what I call him too.
That's the SOP of the radical left. Attack, attack, relentlessly attack. Not only that, but accuse the opposition of everything they themselves are guilty of and engaged in. Project, project, project (in the psychological definition of the word). Alinsky's rules for radicals. Classic Maoist Leninist procedure. Fight back now or forever hold your peace!
Shall we impeach him? Will the spineless rinos like boehner cave in to politics as usual if we do?
Agreed. It's all about his vision of marxist "utopia". He hates the USA and its traditional values. We are now engaged in a full scale cultural civil war.
I agree. I think he knows rxactly what he is doing. He's been well trained by his marxist leninist maoist family and his islamic jihadist mentors in Indonesia.
That's okay, I can't abide Obama. i personally feel disgusted by him and I also think he is actually evil, in that I believe he is intentionally trying to destroy this country. I also think he is not even a citizen. Scary guy. And repulsive.
Is there such a thing as evil? The mentally ill are mostly harmless.
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