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The Worst President Ever

blippincott Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 6:28 AM
Here is what I think, Mitt should hit him with… First, Mr. President, I have run a very successful Business and you need to tell the American People what Business you have ever run and if you can name one, was/is it successful? You are and have been trying to run the Largest Business in the World and you have been a total “Failure” at it. Second, Mr. President, My records from the time I was Born have been and are available for all Americans to see and you have Hid All Your Records and “Sealed” them from all of us and spent millions of dollars hiding yours from us, why? (What is in your Past that you don’t want us to know about you?) One thing you have been the Very Best President at is to have singed over 900 “Executive” orders and byp
Rich Not wealthy Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 10:37 AM
Mitt should be hitting with the fact that you don't 'pay' for tax rate cuts, you pay for spending. This history of this nation's tax rate cuts have always resulted in increased revenue to the government. That Mitt didn't state this, worries me that he is not committed to the proper tax policy. He needed to explain that the dreaded 'Bush tax cuts' caused the percentage of taxes paid by the top 5% to go up, not down.
Ron4594 Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 10:02 AM
Romney should have started with this:
There is a very important date that you should keep in mind: On January 3, 2007, Obama and the DemocRATS took control of Congress. They have controlled the government since that date.
Before that date, the country thrived. Unemployment was 4.7%. 300,000 new private-sector jobs were created every month. Gas cost $1.82 per gallon.
After that date, the country took its unending dive into the toilet, gas costs $4.00 per gallon, and it's all Obama's fault.

While Obama remains a great curiosity outside of the U.S., it’s largely his American-ness that draws the crowds, rather than some innate ability of his own.

A man comes from low beginnings and ascends to the White House.

That tale quintessentially remains the American strive-and-succeed story since Washington was first born poor and lowly in a kind-of log cabin.

While Washington is represented as a rich, privileged, white guy, the success Washington enjoyed and the wealth he built -- yes, built -- he earned by working hard on the dangerous and brutal, American frontier, going places often were...