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If this is how he prioritizes the needs and well-being of his wife and child, how does anybody think he will prioritize the needs and well-being of American citizens he doesn't even know?
There's room for a party who is more interested in serving the people than having the people serve them. There's room for a party who actually earns their living doing the peoples' work and spends more time doing their job than stampeding to the nearest camera and microphone. There's room for a party who lead by example, rather than edict. There's room for a party who holds themselves more accountable for how the peoples' money is spent than they do their own. There's room for a party who enforces existing law, than creating new ones that won't be enforced. There's room for a party who will incarcerate colleagues when the punishment equals the crime. The CLG (Constitutionally Limited Government) Party has a great ring to it.
So what is Holder going to do if he is rejected from Heaven when he passes on? Instruct the Almighty that he has a "civil right" to enter? Good luck with that, clueless!
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together! Wish we had the following headlines far more often. Guess Obama will have to pull out his executive order pen! BITTER O... GUN GROUPS 'LIARS'... SENATE KILLS DEAL... Bloomberg RAGES... Feinstein Fumes... Biden Wipes Away Tears... Cuomo Complains.. . Reid Mocks: 'Imagined Tyranny'...
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Margaret Thatcher Dies at 87

Bling Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 10:29 AM
jbielot2012 Collapse Margaret Thatcher was a role model's role model. Too bad Obama isn't half the woman Margaret Thatcher was!
Obama made it in. Guess not!
There's a reason Charlton Heston landed the lead role as Moses in "The Ten Commandments" and Jim Carrey landed the lead role in "Dumb and Dumber." Any questions?
Time for these two to go! They are a greater weight on the GOP that is collapsing under the weight of its inside the beltway eltists. New blood is needed in the GOP.
David Gregory is a sycophantic, petty troll who is dancing with the devil. Any media who avoid the Genghazi deaths are "accessories to murder" and should be incarcerated for a minimum of twenty years.
Preview of coming attractions. T hose who hate guns are proponents of "displaced anger" or possibly their own vulnerabilities. Triggers don't pull themselves. In the meantime, the dull and ignorant are busy denouncing the inanimate weapon and haven't quite grasped the concept that they are being systematically stripped of their worth, dignity, and their rights. These are the same individuals that probably think that it's perfectly acceptable to call "dial a prayer" and be told to "go to hell."
The problem the Obama-hugger Godfather Christie has is that the NRA advertisement is factual! That makes it a nonstarter for the political agenda right there. When it comes to ushering in the innocents, Obama was the one who opened that door---hiding behind the babies with his White House emotional extortion gig aimed at is gun-control power grab. The man doesn't possess the integrity and courage of a one-celled bacterium and Christie is showing himself the way out of the door for any national political office in my book. What a sleaze!
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