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You guys are bad... but funny.
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Chris Matthews, Meet Chris Matthews

Blindhorse Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 5:56 PM
Brent is missing the point. Matthews is reading the handwriting on the wall. The Dems are going to get a schlacking in '14 and '16 elections and he wants to appear moderate to keep relevant. Look for more "balanced" reporting from MSNBC and CNN in the future. The Country is swinging back to it's roots and he wants to keep a job.
I lived in the West all my life. Then travel took me to the East Coast where toll roads are common. I would rather pay twice the price of gas than have to stop every 5 miles to deposit a few cents to a needless bureaucracy. It's demeaning. It's a boondogle. I hate them !!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, and I'm appalled at how the boys at Fox are pedaling an attitude of "In his heart he means well but we see a different America" In his heart he means to destroy us.
rjensen- YOU ARE SO RIGHT !! These people have been experts at controlling the Narrative. Conservative's only hope is Education !! Talk the advantages of Capitalist Conservatism to Anyone that will listen !!
It would all be ok if they were getting an education but we have a large percentage of High School seniors that don't know who fought WW2 or where Iraq is on a map. Instead they're getting lessons in condom application and ethnic studies. Lot's of jobs in those areas.
It's bad enough that Europe is rioting over austerity measures that are imposed by the EU but we don't have a big brother like the EU so when it hits the fan the Fed will print even more money to keep the game going. Hello Wiemar Republic. Remember, they will do anything to stay in power.
Fixing the illegal immigration situation has a ridiculously simple answer : Enforce the laws on the books against employers that knowingly hire illegals !!! I guarantee that after a couple of dozen high profile employers are walked by TV cameras in handcuffs the illegal problem will be solved. Without jobs they will go home. Sometimes life is simple. But businesses think the present sit. will keep wages lower in key areas, like agriculture, however, labor in that industry is only 8% of the cost of crops. So it must be greed. Again, life can be simple.
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