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BREAKING: Decision Reached on Arizona's SB 1070

Blindhorse Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 11:32 PM
Fixing the illegal immigration situation has a ridiculously simple answer : Enforce the laws on the books against employers that knowingly hire illegals !!! I guarantee that after a couple of dozen high profile employers are walked by TV cameras in handcuffs the illegal problem will be solved. Without jobs they will go home. Sometimes life is simple. But businesses think the present sit. will keep wages lower in key areas, like agriculture, however, labor in that industry is only 8% of the cost of crops. So it must be greed. Again, life can be simple.

The Supreme Court has reached a decision in Arizona v. US.

Three of four provisions have been struck down, however, Section 2(B) of SB 1070, the part of the bill that allows local police officers to ask for immigration status after a crime, has been upheld. The Supreme Court has sent the remaining three provisions back to the Ninth Circuit. The Court ruled it was inappropriate for lower courts to strike down Section 2(B).

According to the Court opinion:

STRUCK- Section 3:

Makes failure to comply with federal alien-registration requirements a state misdemeanor.