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I have absolutely no sympathy for the people of NYC. This is exactly what they voted for. They have no reason to complain.
These are people who lie to seniors telling them that republicans want to take away their social security just to get them to vote democrat. They lie to children scaring them that global warming is going to kill them all. Sounds pretty evil to me.
That is a completely moronic assertion, but just what I would expect from someone defending the Democratic party. Jews do more in life than just vote Democrat, but the Democratic party does just one thing, promote and advance their agenda.
I don't feel sorry for them even one little bit. This is what happens when you vote for Democrats.
Now if he would just say that about global warming, or, climate change, or, climate disruption, or whatever the lefties are calling it this week. That is a whole campaign based on fear over science.
It's a fire swamp full of RUS (rodents of unusual size).
Just admit it, you want to elect Democrats. Anyone who says both parties are the same is either a liar or an idiot.
To bad Obama didn't get busted. Unlike Bush, Obama admitted it in his own book.
Cheap cocaine and heroin for all!
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Officially Killing Americans

Blind Avocado Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 4:22 PM
I don't buy that for a second. name one drug that was marketed in the last 10 years that did not go through FDA testing. Adjust your tinfoil hat and get back to me.
Yes through leftist lies black robed dictators have succeeded in shoving your special privilege agenda down the throats of the people. Yet more proof that not only do you have complete contempt for democracy but that you love to rub our faces in it too. Hate lives in the left and the gay lobby are the most vicious haters of them all.
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