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In North Korea nobody is even allowed to own land and would be put to death for even thinking about it. Any way you look at it, Huckabee's point is absurd. Is that such a freaking difficult thing to understand?
Greedy doctors? I wonder if Ms Kimberly would be willing to do her job for pennies on the Dollar? Evidently to lefties, anybody who expects to get paid (except them of coarse) is "greedy".
It's about time. That guy jumped the shark years ago.
Slow Joe Biden at it again.
Depleted uranium is not radioactive. That is why it is called depleted. I feel bad for this guy, but the uranium is most likely not the cause.
This is moron Sybil spam. Flag and ignore.
You lie nust like a Democrat.
Yes, the era of sanity and reason is rapidly coming to an end.
This is not surprising at all. She is a Democrat so by definition she knows absolutely nothing about the constitution.
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