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Critical thinkers know It can't be repealed as long as Democrats control the senate and the white house. We have to elect republicans, not vote them out.
If life in prison is just as bad or worse then why are the prisoners fighting so hard to stop the executions? Nobody with any sense at all believes that for a second.
That is because you are either stupid or a Democrat, Joycey.
I really don't have much sympathy for this guy. Even if he votes Republican, most Vietnamese vote Democrat, so he has the government they voted for. He should stop complaining and live with it.
Yes, who cares about jobs. Lets bow to the demands of a very few whiners. I love how radical liberalism cares about working families.
Leftists are the ultimate bullies. They just don't like competition.
Circling the drain? More like circling the bowl.
Anybody who thinks that Democrats and Republicans are on the same team is not capable of rational thought.
He said conservative not progressive.
Monster, that is truly one of the stupidest things I have heard anyone say.
"Only Progressives would think that fueling our civilization in the same manner Cro-Magnon man did is progress" That's a keeper! As I have always said, there is no group more regressive than "progressives"
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