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Now we know that Cruz/Palin is a leftie troll. No thinking person is stupid enough to believe that Pelosi would be better then Boehner.
"Ted Yoho, one of the leaders who ran, has an American Conservative Union rating of 80, which is lower than Boehner’s lifetime rating of 86.99." This tells everything one needs to know about the irrationality of the Boehner haters. Under Boehner's leadership actual government spending has gone down 2 years in a row. Not reduction in spending increases, actual spending. Anybody who thinks that this would have happened with Pelosi in control has to be a leftie troll.
Cue the mindless Boehner haters in 5...4...3...
Making up stuff about Boehner again? You Boehner haters are so cute.
Except Muslims have a long history of condemning something publicly when it makes them look bad while condoning and even celebrating it amoung themselves. If you would pay attention to the world you would know that.
Not that made up meme again. Conservatives know that nothing is more expensive than "free" government programs. Something lefties can't understand.
We did invade Iraq and it worked until Obama threw it away. Too bad idiots like you can't understand that.
We kill them just like we did him. What does that have to do with radical Islam? BTW McVey did not kill in the name of Christianity or yell Jesus is great when he murdered all those people.
And when the republicans reject it you will just move on to the next made up grievance. You Boehner haters are so pathetic.
Plus you really have to give the cartoonists credit for not backing down when they were threatened.
I agree completely. These cartoonists were lowbrow buffoons pretending to be intellectuals. But that doesn not in any way deserve a death sentence. The scum that killed them were the worst kind of scum imaginable.
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