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No they just realized that it pays to pander to the stupidly and gullibility of the average democrat
Of course conservatives wanted him home but not at the expense of 5 high ranking terrorists. You really are not that bright, are you?
What a great recap of progressive nuttery. As I said in my earlier post, these progressive "scientists" have been consistently wrong about everything. Just tired old 60's lefties trying to stay relevant.
They were consistently wrong about everything during the cold war and it is good to see that they have not changed.
Wow, you BDS (Boehner derangement syndrome) sufferers never pass up an opportunity to make something up to criticize Boehner for
Major league stupid. You don't build a pipeline to the gulf coast to ship oil to china.
This is all the fault of Boehner and the RINOs. They should have defunded the golden globes. They should all be voted out because they are worse than Obama and Pelosi could ever be. /sarc
No it has not. Wake up and get a clue.
You are an idiot. Go back to Huffpo.
This is ridicules. I used to walk a mile to kindergarten and back. And contrary to popular belief, child kidnapping by a stranger is more rare today then when I was a child.
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