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The problem is that your support and that of other so-called conservatives here at Townhall and elsewhere have allowed us to be brought to this unacceptable place. Glad you finally saw the light but it was always there. There will be no good immigration reform unless we win the Senate and hold the House in 2014. Otherwise, republicans have no reason to go there.
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On Cleveland Sports and the House GOP

blevy Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 11:25 AM
You're so wrong Hugh! This is garbage, go over the cliff! then work on fixes next year, nothing has to suffer unless we agree to some half wit deal now. Are you trying to tell us the military will desolve overnight, not falling for it! So taxes go up on everyone, well hello, we voted for this and should suffer the consequences. There is no good DEAL! Any DEAL will just kick the can down the road. Stop this fiasco now!
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