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I wonder if Obama wakes up every morning thinking "Hey, what part of the USA can I fudge up today?".
Has anyone noticed that there haven't been any Police Chiefs who come out in support for the Second Amendment? The Police Chiefs who I have read about, who have said anything at all, are against gun ownership and want guns off the streets of their cities. If their were to be any law requiring confiscation of guns, the city Police Departments will not support the pro gun crowd. We only have to look what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit. The Police at all level went out and confiscated guns door to door. They arrested people who didn't turn in their guns. These big men even beat up a little old lady living alone, who had an unloaded revolver in her hand when they came beating on her door like Nazis looking for Jews.
What is he hiding from the American citizens? Anyone who feels like they have to hide their past, usually has something they don't want others to know about. What skeleton or skeletons does the present President have in his closet? How and when will he be forced to show his history?
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Obama Is Not King

blauerengel Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 4:26 AM
As an Expat living in Europe, President Obama looks more and more like Emperor Obama. He sure isn't Presidential in his actions. Unfortunately, where I live they all fawn over his name as if he is a God to be worshipped.
I am a former Physician Assistant who is now retired. I agree with Dr. Loudon about the duty of the mental and medical health professionals already exists. With this new Executive Order, those who are already at the point of taking action, will not come in to a hospital or clinic for help knowing that their mental or healthcare provider will blow the whistle on them, causing them to lose their rights and to brand them as a criminal. I was taught to ask if their are guns in the home and to ask if they were secure so that children and others would not have access to them. If any patient came in intent on suicide or violence against others, there are procedures in place to help them voluntarily of involintarily.
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