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Women understand who has their backs...thats why they OVERWHELMINGLY vote Democrat... Run along you turd...
Maybe Rightards should move to Saudi...? Seems like y'all have a lot in common! "stupid voters", do you mean those who voted for Romney in the Primaries?
Think there was cheating? What're you gonna do about it? Beside whine on a message board? And, btw, where were all of you when allegations of GOP cheating occurred in 2000 and 2004?
Why would anyone continue listening to this hack?
You blame the deficits under Reagan and Bush I on Democrats (even though they did NOT have a 2/3 majority to override vetoes)...does that mean the increases under Clinton were solely the fault of REPUBLICANS? Also, what about Bush II--he had GOP majorities for most of his time...? What about Obama--why can't he blame congress too?
Gail104...why did you lie about meeting Arabs?
I thought you were against "negotiating w/terrorists"?
When did y'all become SO mentally ill?
What is 'christian' about cheering on the killing of children and war...? What would JC say about your sick fantasies of genocide?
Do the Christian nutters realize they sound just as insane as the 'muzzies' w/their ridiculous ramblings about Jews (who believe YOUR beliefs are retarded) being "the chosen people" and ranting that 'we' need to support Israel "because the bible says we'll be blessed"...?
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