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For Once, Republicans Must Ignore All Calls and Jump off Cliff

blaki02 Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 2:08 PM
This is spot on. Walk Away from the Table. Everyone's paycheck on the 15th will be nearly $100 less (based on $2200 per year more we'd have to pay if the tax cuts are allowed to expire) and then all hell breaks loose. Democrats will be to blame, though the GOP will take the hit by Obama and the media. But when constituents light up the phone lines and the emails start overloading the servers of all the Dems, then and only then will there be something resolved. I've already adjusted my budget to take the hit and it's not good. Not everyone will be able to take the hit without some serious uproar. But there needs to be NO WIGGLE ROOM for Obama and the Dems. GOP - JUST SAY NO.

I remember it well. It was Christmastime 1995, and much of the business establishment seemed furious with then-Speaker Newt Gingrich. As his political chair, I was hearing them out. Moreover, I was by then CEO of one of the nation's largest producers of corporate annual reports -- big-ticket items -- so I was listening intently.

But I had no influence. Bill Clinton was having nothing to do with Newt's threats to "shut down" the government, and that is exactly what Newt did -- twice -- both in December of 1995 and again in January of 1996. The result? Clinton...