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So much for John Kerry's efforts to discuss peace talks. Yea - just about as worthless as Obama is regarding the border crisis.
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Yuck: Michelle for Senate 2016?

blaki02 Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 1:14 PM
"Sadly, she shares the same poisonous liberal philosophy as her husband." No Way - She's 1000x worse. I believe that MO is far more liberal than her husband, and a 1000x more a hypocrite. With Valerie Jarrett on the sidelines pushing the envelope at every opportunity, they're the Alpha males in this relationship. They're the ones with the "Transform this Government" ideals. The worst day in anyone's life would be her running for a Senate seat (and winning), because then we'd never be rid of Obama. The greatest day in the life of true Americans, would be when Obama and his parrot-screeching (BoRAAAAAKKK, BoRAAAAAK!) wife are forcibly escorted out of the White House. Hopefully, under criminal impeachment. And make sure they drag Valerie Jarrett along with them. MO running for senate - God Help us All.
Don't know what they're doing? This was strategically done by O to make the entire US look elsewhere instead of focusing on Shinseki (VA) and Carney. He took a major hit last week - so as is always - he needs to have everyone distracted. "hey look over there, that's something more important than what you've been focusing on over here". Classic deflection. And O probably orchestrated this to dodge VA.
Unbelievable. 4 Americans died. No one has been brought to justice NOR held accountable. How incompetent does one have to be to not think that on the anniversary of one of the worst terror attacks on the United States, nothing would happen? Clinton was in charge. She was derelict in her duties. Obama lied, to ensure he would retain his job. For all the Dem/Liberals who are denouncing everything Benghazi, replace one of the 4 dead Americans with a brother, or a son, or nephew of theirs, and I'd bet that there's a totally different view. It is a sad state of affairs when accountability is no longer an integral part of government. It is frustrating to believe that Dem/liberals don't care one iota about their fellow human beings and aren't willing to take Obama and Clinton to task. Yes this investigation is needed. Yes, there needs to be justice. That any Dem/Liberal wouldn't want to see that, is unfathomable.
Does any not believe that had it been ANYONE that Blowosi knew that was killed in Benghazi, She'd be the first in line to demand answers? This totally incoherent dingbat seems to have ZERO compassion, no remorse or any kind, and the only thing she can spout is the slobbering, meaningless drizzle that protects Nobama, Clinkton and the uncaring Administration. I don't know why San Francisco doesn't plant the boot in this old hag's butt and GET HER OUT OF POLITICS.
Good for Sheriff Howard. Since he's doing exactly as Eric Holder and Obama are doing (failing to enforce existing laws). then there should never be any blowback in his direction. But we all know the hypocrisy of Holder and Obama and the Do as I say, not as I do culture. So, I would expect that Sheriff Howard will become of victim of that hypocrisy. Despicable.
Isn't there any way we can start a petition that simply says: Debbie - don't talk. PLEASE! ? How is that Florida voters keep renewing her in elections? Don't they ever get to a point when her blathering just seems the most sickening thing you can hear? Guess the same applies to voters in San Francisco with regards to Pelosi. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Let's make sure we tell Michelle and Jill - what? Obviously both of them are in the dog houses for something - and need to score some points for being "good husbands". What a crock. Is this one of the favored photo ops that the WH actually allows to occur? Totally agree - they should quit their day jobs. Somehow, just see how this qualifies for an entry on the Great Race.
Why does it always seem to be the military that takes the hit? The average pay for a member of Congress is $174K per year. The average pension for any member of congress who has "served" for 5 years or more is between $35K and $62K. Military people make between $18K to $104K per year based on the lowest and highest. Military retirement used to be 50% of the highest annual pay earned, after 20 years of service. How about everyone in the US Government (not military) having their pay reduced and their ranks shrunk in order to save the money? And with Russia and China building their forces, in what insane world does REDUCING our military, make a lick of sense? What about IRAN? What about North Korea? We will all be in a world of hurt if our military ranks are cut to pre-world war II levels.
Is it even possible to ever end the mindless drivel, the consistent fawning, the outright bias that is constantly being thrown our way about POTUS AND FLOTUS? Good Lord, it's insane. How about more real facts than adoration? Cortney throws out 2 items in this column. How about the fact that more photos show FLOTUS looking mad as hell (POTUS selfie at Mandela's funeral is a prime example) - instead of bestowing upon her the First Lady for the Ages pronouncement? How about the hypocrisy - like dissing on Oprah, then accepting an invitation to spend time in the lavish Hawaii home of the same woman? How about WaPO actually reporting on something relevant? How about a petition to never have to read another article on how "50 and fabulous" MO is? I can certainly relate to other comments about nausea. Maybe, just maybe, the National Enquirer thing on how the O's are nearing the end of their married life, might actually occur - as long as they split and take Valerie Jarrett with them. Then maybe we could get back to having a great country. One can only hope, right?
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