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Glad to see you recognize the predicament - But this was Senate votes - not the House. And my district has ZERO republicans in the Senate. Only Issa on the House side.
For anyone here that's commenting, if there's a way of obtaining a list of how the senators voted, and if you happen to be a constituent of any of those Republican senators, sound off. Contact them on their own website. I, unfortunately, have to deal with Boxer and Feinstein for my district, so I have no idea how they voted.
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Emanuel, Drooling Over Death

blaki02 Wrote: Dec 01, 2014 11:33 AM
Anyone taking bets that when this spittle-laced, kill-the-old-folks butt head turns 75, he'll be screaming at the top of his lungs to "save me using any means possible" ? If you've had the horrible experience of ever having to endure the rantings of this "doctor", then you know he's as far left-wing as anyone can be. And that Obama obviously agrees with him, shows what a waste of oxygen they both are. Both of these loons have such a demented sense of self, it turns my stomach. The old folks have a wealth of knowledge and experience, that can be imparted on the young ones, if we can only get the younger generations to listen. Dr. Zeke and POS Obama will never get it. Hopefully when they hit 75, they'll be giving the same treatment that they're proposing now. Take two of these and DON'T call me in the morning.
Excellent point - much like EVERY other "its-not-a-scandal" thing that has occurred in this failed presidency. Nothing to see here, move on.
No argument that he should be impeached. Only more worrisome is what Uncle Joe would do in the wake of NObama and Moochelle being escorted out of the "grand mansion". I'm quite sure that even if Congress impeached him and required he resign, that he'd never leave willingly. GM recalls cars that defective - can we do a USA recall on this POTUS POS?
Well, isn't this convenient. NObama to spit in the faces of the voters, right around the same time the Grand Jury in Ferguson is to make a decision. Hmmm, simply to detract from whatever violence sparks in Ferguson?
Here, Here. Can we also remove Nobama, Moochelle, and Jarrett?
Whether you agree or not (as in Big Business vs Us) - first order of business needs to be a reduction in the Corporate Tax Rate. Second order of business (as stated in some of the comments here) amend Obamacare's delusional 30 hour per week is full time employment regulation. Once business is allowed to move more freely, some of that 3 Trillion dollars parked in cubby holes can start moving toward reinvestment, which means more jobs, which means the workforce participation rate goes up. 3rd order of business: Regulations have to be squashed - not all of course but the primary ones that are killing corporations and businesses from exploding outward. Small businesses especially. 4th order of business: Repeal both the individual mandate and the business mandate. And of course - Defund any attempt by Obama to grant and authorize amnesty. Once those pieces are in place - then the IRS, and the EPA can be dealt with. Personally, I'd like to see everyone in a leadership position at the IRS or EPA be thrown out of office (actually thrown in jail would be better). Same applies for the VA.
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Liberals Are Often Wrong, But Rarely Evil

blaki02 Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 12:37 PM
We have a bit of the same situation in the family. Of the 5 kids, 1 is extremely liberal, the 2nd mostly liberal, the others - kind of lost in their thinking. 1 is barely informed, 1 is totally out of any conversation and the other - well, he's definitely not for Obama. So, here is where the problem lies: The uber liberal is a great kid, wonderful father, and an overall good person. But his failure to understand the implications of what the liberal agenda is and how it's affecting all of us now, and how it will affect our grandkids, is beyond belief. Support all the immigrants, they don't take jobs or jam up the emergency rooms. Nothing about the insane debt we've accumulated seems to bother him whatsoever. We could nearly go insane arguing with this one, but we choose not to. After trying to make this understand how bad Obama really is for America, he jumped up from the table, remarked: "You think Obama is the Anti-Christ" and fled the room. Being a conservative with liberal children makes us believe that matter how much logic you present, it will never sink in. And we know that the liberalism was provided thru the colleges that these liberal children attended. You can talk til your blue in the face and nothing works. Are the liberals children evil? No - but they sure aren't using the brains that God gave them.
Well, I'm so absolutely relieved that we have a reporting structure. NOT! Which means, in this case, we'll never ever really know the truth. Putting Susan Rice in charge is about as smart idea, as it was re-electing a lying, blame-it-on-anyone-else POTUS. But why should we be surprised. The lying is completely justified because nobody will ever report these things (well not ABC, NBC, CBS or MSNBC), nor will POTUS and Susan Rice ever be held accountable for lying, all the time, about everything. SWELL - I sure do feel SO much better.
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