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As Student Debt Reaches Record High $27K, Half of Grads Underemployed

BlakeTPA Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 12:22 AM
The Obama Administration didn't create the 25-year repayment/forgiveness program. The Bush Administration and Republican Congress did. The Obama administration simply tweaked the program and reduced the repayment period to 20 years, among other things. Also, the program isn't set up to reward people who don't work for 25 years. For people in the program who don't work for 25 years, they will owe a 6-figure tax bill when their loans are "forgiven." How is that a reward? And yes, the "forgiven" loans are taxable under the current system. Don't let Celia Bigelow and other idiots misinform you about the facts. The issues are much more complicated. You have a brain. Use it.

What self-respecting parent would give their kid a credit card if they knew they were going to max it out and not be able to pay it back? Hopefully, no one. In fact, as a responsible parent you would probably teach your children the opposite habit--responsibility.

This paternal irresponsibility is what is occurring on a larger scale with the federal government and the student loan industry. President Obama has earned himself a failing grade in responsible parenting.

FICO released a new study that analyzed 10 million credit files to find trends within the student loan industry. The group concluded...