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Where is the Breaking Point?

Blair43 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 2:19 PM
Did anyone notice the common thread: Unions. They are all over the EU countries and their intransigence on wages is one of the primary reasons those countries are all bankrupt. Seriously, it's economics 101 not rocket science: if you (as a business) don't take in a much money as you send out, you go out of business. And then EVERYONE loses: customers, owners, and workers!

Spanish banks have already shed 30,000 jobs in ins banking crisis. Another 20,000 cuts are due in 2013, along with pay cuts and reduced pension contribution. In response Spain's Banking Unions Announce Strikes.

Workers at three of Spain's bailed-out banks will stage strikes in coming weeks as they fight mass layoffs, unions said on Monday, spreading industrial unrest to a sector where walkouts have so far been rare.

While the banks, crippled by a property bubble that...