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Freedom or Fairness in 2012?

Blair43 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 10:51 AM
One note, Mr. Hanson - It isn't fairness that Obama is offering. It is greed and envy. The only way he can win is to persuade people that the envy of the 1% by the 99% is moral and government has a responsibility to legislate against this. Obama hates success that isn't given by him, because it undermines his presupposed notion of government control of everything. In his mind, Obama should be picking winners and losers (his political allies, of course) in all aspects of life. He should be ruling with an iron hand. Only respect for the Constitution of the United States prevents tyranny. Want to know why President Obama is so upset about artistic protrayals of him shredding the Constitution? Because they are dead on and he hates it.

2012 should prove to be an ideological election about the economy. Not all campaigns are so clear cut. Sometimes moderate Republicans raise taxes (like George H.W. Bush did); at other times, pragmatic Democrats cut spending (like Bill Clinton did).

But this year, Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee, will run an ideological campaign calling for smaller government and fewer taxes against an equally ideological President Obama, who wants more government and higher taxes. In this divided red state/blue state era, the supporters of each candidate demand no less and will have a clear choice.

This year's campaign sloganeering will remind us...