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It is clear that Holder is not interested in impersonal or independent auditors. This alone is grounds for impeachment. If he had nothing to hide, an independent prosecutor's findings wouldn't frighten him. The problem is that there are way too many skeletons in Holder's closet for anyone to go digging. They might find a graveyard similar to the Great Wall of China.
Both may be true, but the issue is to point out the hypocrisy of how politicians are treated all because of their political affiliation. Noone is saying that what Christie's aids did was acceptable, but that the Obama Administration's antics are both more numerous and more serious than a traffic jam.
Uh, the point is to call out the blatant hypocrisy. I haven't seen anyone trying to defend the actions taken by Christie's stooges. Oh, and Christie fired them as soon as he found out. Haven't seen Obama fire ANYONE - not the approvers of Solyndra or other failed energy bailouts, not the IRS head or any of their cronies who were targeting political opponents, not the Attorney General for walking guns, not anyone in the State Department for Benghazi... The list just keeps going. What Christie's stooges did was blatantly political and stupid and Christie did the right thing by firing them. If Obama had half the decency, he would have done the same in any of the numerous scandals of his office. The fact that he hasn't fired a single person tells all you need to know.
This is the classic example of everything government does nowadays. They invent a crisis then present a "solution" that requires another "solution". Then another. And another. They create their own job security by creating the problem in the first place!
You can't be pro-family and pro-abortion. That's a complete contradiction. Abortion prevents family. And for anyone that wants to argue abortion is necessary, please listen to the Congressional testimony of a former abortion doctor who describes the procedure in gruesome detail: Those who want to continue abortion are those who don't want to take responsibility for their own actions and would rather destroy others' lives than do so. Note that the most vocal advocates of abortion are eugenists and liberal men.
You are correct. The House and Senate can discipline their own members, but it means little (see Maxine Waters). Only their individual States can recall or replace them and you have to go a long ways back in history before you see that happening. Generally, Senators and Congressmen only get replaced if they have done something egregious and during election time.
Actually, it certainly would. Executive Actions are not laws (or are not supposed to be laws). Congress passes laws and the Executive Branch (and all its agencies) are responsible for carrying out the laws. Executive Orders are supposed to be instructions from the Chief Executive on how the Agencies under the Executive Branch carry out the laws passed by Congress. Just because one President did it one way doesn't mean another President can't do it another - as long as the intent of Congress is carried out. The problem is when the President decides to interpret Congress' intent (the role of the Judicial Branch) or decides to create rules that do not fall within the SPECIFIC intent of legislation (an important legal distinction). Both of those are usurpations of power not delegated by the Constitution to the Executive Branch and, if extreme enough, can result in Impeachment proceedings. It is not the number of Executive Actions that have been signed that is the measure of a President, but rather the scope. The number of Actions signed by this President that exceed the scope of jurisdiction is what should be of concern to every American Citizen.
So really what they are doing is making it easier for you to fail a background check by making it easy for doctors to make the determination - regardless of the merit of the decision - whether or not you should have a firearm. And notice that there isn't even a method for challenging the ruling - you're just denied. This has tyranny written all over it.
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Ransom's Predictions for 2014

Blair43 Wrote: Dec 27, 2013 4:50 PM
"I to wonder what will happen when QE3 stops." Its called inflation. And when combined with a lack of jobs it becomes "stagflation". Welcome back to the early 80's, only this time with a national deficit over 60% of GDP, a housing market in the toilet, and investment markets that look like someone bouncing on trampoline. In other words, BIG TROUBLE.
All together now (to President Obama + Democrats) "WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!"
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The Obama Style Shutdown

Blair43 Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 10:59 AM
My mom works for a meat-packing plant as the controller. You are delusional if you think the FDA does anything more than spot-check or investigate complaints. The responsibility is on the individual producers to do swab tests for microbes and maintain cleanliness standards, which include fully sanitizing all work areas when changing products (using steam and disinfectant), all workers are required to wear gloves and potentially masks, and a host of other regulations. Businesses police themselves because they know that all it takes is ONE scare sourced back to them and they are out of business. Want to know how effective government inspectors are? Ask the ones that Obama's administration told NOT to audit the BP oil rig Deepwater Horizon that blew... They had already been cited several times for violations by inspectors under Bush and then mysteriously these same rigs which should have been getting semi-annual inspections stopped getting them AT ALL!
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