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Huh? Democrats are the ones who started the Feminist movement! They're the ones pushing abortion. They're the ones pushing to end marriage and family. Good grief! Look at the Clintons just to see how disastrous that idea is to marital relationships.
Women work against their own futures when they sleep with a guy(s) before getting married. That just tells him that commitment isn't a necessity to her. If there is one thing I would try to hammer into young women it is this: you will not get your man by putting out. That should be the icing on the cake - not the main course. A stable marriage starts with mutual respect, and your future husband will respect you more if he is the only one you have slept with and he will want you more if you restrict that part of your relationship to part of a permanent one. I know it isn't the hip thing of the metrosexual world, but psychological studies confirm that happy marriages start with fidelity - not indulgence. - from a happily married man
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Charles Krauthammer On Jon Stewart

Blair43 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 5:04 PM
Amen. Krauthammer completely misidentifies these "great liberal ideas" entirely. Does he expose ONE of the major weaknesses of the welfare state - that of insolvency? Yes. but he forgets that the root cause is the assumption that government should be involved in taking over responsibility for personal decisions. THAT is the true CONSERVATIVE mentality: that there is little the government can do which the individual can't do better! While I like Krauthammer, he's not a conservative. A Republican, maybe, but not a conservative.
The third option you forget, Mr. Prager is simply that Democrats love to lie, and feel zero remorse about doing so - especially when they can use those lies to fuel their political ambitions. Remember these: "We have to sign the bill to find out what's in it." "You didn't build that!" "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." "Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes." and we can go on and on and on.
In a real scientific debate, people post facts and have those facts open and available. Then they have their peers review the facts, methodologies, and studies to make sure that they can come to exactly the same conclusions. The problem with man-made global warming was pointed out by NASA: of the 20 major models, none are even close in predicting warming over the past 20 years. None are close to being even seriously considered for scientific scrutiny. Then you have the problems with the several cases of direct and intentional manipulation of data and formulas, the cases of data simply getting "lost", and more. If you want to fill your mind with that kind of horse manure, feel free, but don't try to pretend it isn't horse manure. As to evolution, there is micro-evolution (a finch sporting a different beak than its cousin) and there macro-evolution (a fish turning into a bird). There is no evidence of the latter anywhere in the fossil record or in common nature, which severely undermines that theory. Exploiting ignorance is a tool of the elite. Too bad I've actually studied up and know how to see the lipstick on the pig.
Nothing quite so telling as blatant ignorance.
??? Though I don't care for any expansion of the welfare state, Medicare Part D was passed through Congress as a legitimate law. President Obama has been unilaterally altering the provisions of EXISTING law - even Obamacare! That's simply NOT within his Constitutionally-derived powers. You didn't even have the imagination to bring up the PATRIOT Act in your rantings. You want to pretend that one President's actions excuse a current President's actions when NEITHER is excused. So typical of the sheeple.
"Dellinger said that would be different because Obama "actually agrees with the act as a whole" while Cruz would only be acting to "subvert" the law by selectively enforcing it." Uh, Mr. Dellinger, hasn't the current President already done this multiple times? He has directly failed to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, leading to its overturn. He has directly failed to uphold existing immigration laws, and has even instituted what some call treasonous advertisements bent on enticing more illegal immigration to this country. He has stonewalled Congressional inquiries into Benghazi and his Administration lied to the American People about its origins. He has subverted investment into "green" energy corporations and supported them with hundreds of millions in taxpayer funds. The list goes on an on. We aren't worried about the _potential_ abuses of someone who isn't in office NEARLY as much as we are worried about the EXISTING abuses of the SITTING President!
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The Lesson of Dunkirk

Blair43 Wrote: Feb 21, 2014 11:15 AM
With all due respect, Dr. Sowell, the entire problem is EXACTLY the history of the Republican Party in the last 20+ years. When all voters see from the Republicans is talk and cave, talk and cave, it becomes very difficult to expect anything like a Normandy in the future! You are welcome to call this a Dunkirk, but I've seen way too many "strategic retreats" led by Republicans like Boehner, McCain, McConnell, etc. that amount to nothing more than appeasement and downright abandonment of the principles they were elected to fight for in the first place. We've had way too many Dunkirks. We want a Normandy.
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