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White Flags Unfurled

Blair31 Wrote: May 08, 2012 9:57 AM
They're saying that the student debt bubble's the next one to burst. There are some people who aren't cut out for college. There's a high tech entrepreneur who wants college freshmen to drop out for a year in order to start their own business. He's offering them $10,000 dollars to do it. What's his reasoning? Bill Gates didn't finish college. He dropped out of Hah-vahd and founded Microsoft.

Used French Rifle For Sale...Only Dropped Once

Something interesting happened last week—there was an epiphany. It wasn't a Eureka moment about the shabby state of this recovery. It was deeper than that for sure. The stock market sold off on Friday over the realization that white flags are going up all over the country as people are walking to the dugout of life. While the French ditched their closest attempt at true capitalism after one term with Sarkozy, the American people were making a similar retreat from the greatness of free markets as hundreds of thousands bolted from the labor...