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Paul Krugman and the European Austerity Myth

Blair31 Wrote: May 09, 2012 10:00 AM
The Greeks elected the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. However, no political party in Greece has a clear majority, and that means it can't form a government. Greece, like Weimar Germany before the rise of the Third Reich, is paralyzed. There are going to be new elections next month. Don't hold your breath.

With both France and Greece deciding to jump out of the left-wing frying pan into the even-more-left-wing fire, European fiscal policy has become quite a controversial topic.

But I find this debate and discussion rather tedious and unrewarding, largely because it pits advocates of Keynesian spending (the so-called “growth” camp) against supporters of higher taxes (the “austerity” camp).

Since I’m a big fan of nations lowering taxes and reducing the burden of government spending, I would like to see the pro-tax hike and the pro-spending sides both lose (wasn’t that Kissinger’s attitude about the Iran-Iraq war?). Indeed, this is why...