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Game On! Next Question!

Blair31 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 11:29 AM
Barack Obama hates rich people. Barack Obama hates white people. Barack Obama hates rich white people. Which of those statements are true? ALL THREE OF THEM!
Unearthing some politically incorrect statement by President Reagan, the media would charge, "You did this didn't you?" Reagan's reply: "Damn right, and I'd do it again!" Mitt Romney could do the same--"Game On, Mr. President!"

You've criticized President Obama's economic policies, but you offer few specifics on what you'd do to turn this economy around?

Politicians don't turn around economies--entrepreneurs, investors, and workers do. It's time to unleash the free-enterprise investments and innovations that will lead to renewed economic vitality. What will I do? I'm going to start by undoing what this administration has done to handcuff...