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Thanks, FDA: A Trip to the Grocery Store May Soon Cost More

BlackSheepPatriot Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 11:38 AM
I hear you, Mof4! We used to be able to buy chicken breast or even a whole chicken. We now buy chicken thighs with the skin and the bones as even skinless, boneless chicken thighs has increased in price. We no longer buy pork, except bacon and sausage. On your second point, the poor get fat because they also buy large quantities of junky, highly-processed foods. Some of that is because it is cheap! The other part is the lack of nutritional education. I don't know where you live, but here, they have eliminated a lot of programs like home economics.

Thanks to the FDA’s menu labeling provision in ObamaCare, which targets restaurant chains and grocery stores, consumers may soon have to pay a little more at the checkout counter.

The proposed regulation would require store owners to label prepared, unpackaged foods found in salad bars and food bars, soups and bakery items. Erik Lieberman, regulatory counsel at the Food Marketing Institute, said testing foods for nutritional data will require either expensive software or even more costly off-site laboratory assessments.

Lieberman said failure to get it right comes with...

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