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I’m A Traffic Survivor

BlackSheepPatriot Wrote: Jan 12, 2014 12:53 PM
No. He is addressing the hypocrisy and lack of priorities of the MSM.
"First, if the wildly improbable occurs and A & E decides to drop Robertson and/or his program, then the owners of the network would be exercising their right to free speech." Wrong! A and E's capitualtion to bullies with keen-jerk reactions is not free speech. It's cowardice!
The idiot women in my state decided that their birth control, abortions, and freebie programs for spawning kids out of wedlock were more important than JOBS! UGH! McCauliffe ran ads heavy on the "Cuccinelli wants to take away women's rights..." meme. Do you think the idiot women bothered to do their own research and verfify the veracity of those statements? NOOOOOOOOO! They voted with their vaginas and chose a slimeball. UGH!
Another lie: "Wolves will go 100 miles out of their way to avoid human contact."
Hi, former sheeple here. When I was a young, stupid liberal (up until my mid-thirties), I actually believed the idiocy of the environmentalists regarding wolves. I knew a person who had a wolf who would bring them to schools for educational purposes. The number one lie touted by environmentalists is: "There have been no recorded attacks of wolves on humans. " Of course, being gullible, I bought that hook, line, and sinker because we don't expect scientists to lie; right? Fast forward a few years, I became a conservative, got a brain, and did my own research. There have been PLENTY of documented wolf attacks. They were just buried to suit an agenda. Wolves are predators. They hunt in packs. Fabien, I find your name interesting since the wolf is a symbol of the Fabian Society. Kind of says it all; doesn't it?
And the scary thing? These kids actually vote......
I can add something to say: Mr. Chapman, please do us a favor, just like Kathleen Parker, come out of the Democrat closet and leave Townhall.
That should not be a surprise to anyone. I guess no one remembers how he trashed Bachmann during the primaries with his idiotic question of whether she would submit to her husband if she was POTUS. JERK!
It's all fun and games until the flesh-eating (and rotting) zombies arrive! Sleep tight, Millenials! (Cue: evil laughter)
I did. Thank-you, DG. ;)
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