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Better Late than Never: Mississippi Ratifies 13th Amendment

blackrabbit Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 1:39 PM
Townhall had a great opportunity to run a headline screaming "Mississippi Bans Slavery!". Okay, it would be factually incorrect, but when how often do such chances arise?

United States Constitutional Amendments require ratification from ¾ of the nation’s states. However, what about the rest of the states? Well, apparently they can just fall through the cracks. It recently became apparent that Mississippi had not yet formally ratified the 13th Amendment. Mississippi was one of the original four states to reject ratification of this amendment in 1865, although all three of the other states did ratify the amendment since then. However, apparently Mississippi never got around to doing this!

This “misstep” became apparent when University of Mississippi Medical Center professor Dr. Ranjan Batra looked into the matter. After...