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typo: Gay sex = AIDS
It's none of anyone's business until the AIDS epidemic spreads like wildfire and our government spends billions of taxpayers dollars to prevent the disease of AIDS from spreading. Gay ex = AIDS. What part of that do you not understand?
But YOU ARE a bigot!
You are plain wrong. Homosexual sex is 85% more likely to spread the AIDS virus. Furthermore homosexual men and lesbians are twice as likely to be promiscuous than heterosexuals. Your arguments just do not hold water.
Lois you are proving yourself a bigot. Your intolerance of the ones you disagree with is pure bigotry by it's definition.
So typical of a liberal. Instead of a well crafted support or defense of their position they name call. I am so glad liberalism is dying in America!
AIDS kills. Homosexual sex spreads AIDS. A society that condones suicidal behavior is doomed. Spin it anyway you want LGBT people and progressives, homosexual marriage is deadly, unnatural, and morally wrong.
AIDS is a transmittable disease therefore it is a public health issue. Homosexual sex (anal intercourse) is a threat to public health and should not be sanctioned by the government through acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle.
The issue no one wants to address is the public health issue of AIDS which is transmitted in large part due to anal sex. Homosexual men engage in anal sex yet our society pretends that it is safe and glorifies it by allowing gay men to marry.
What a finely crafted defense of your position on the issue Mike.
If "love" is the only standard by which LGBT and supporters of gay marriage justify gay marriage why are polygamists not allowed to marry? Why can't you marry relatives? If love is the only criteria to marry who is anyone to judge anyone else who wants to marry whomever or whatever they please just because they are in love? Sure is a slippery slope now that we are defining deviancy down and devaluing heterosexual marriage between one man and one woman.
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