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Like the true pothead he is, he is great at avoiding reality.
Snore. Gutless, spineless, and meek Republicans investigating the untouchable and protected BHO. What a waste of time and money.
A unanimous decision among two people: Michelle and Valerie. B. Hussein just capitulates to the dominating women in the Whitehouse.
Why were these Taliban Neanderthals even alive? They should have been executed long ago. Someone should tell Obama the war on terror is not over just because he is unilaterally surrendering.
Obama and his administration will not allow Bergdahl to face court martial or any disciplinary action due to his desertion. The administration will argue that he has suffered enough as a"prisoner of war."
Quite honestly Jay Carney make his living as WH spokesman by being lying sack of excrement.
Waiting for a Republican to be called a "racist" for doubting the Obama administration's lies about Benghazi. But it will come.
The depths of Obama's economic ignorance knows no bounds. He and his progressive socialist cohorts along with the RINOs in congress care only about political games and the next election not about what is best for the country
So a piece of paper (marriage certificate) inserted in a man's buttocks will prevent AIDS? Fecal matter suddenly changes it's composition in homosexuals? Interesting. JF4 that's so simple! You must have done it repeatedly to come to that conclusion.
typo: Gay sex = AIDS
It's none of anyone's business until the AIDS epidemic spreads like wildfire and our government spends billions of taxpayers dollars to prevent the disease of AIDS from spreading. Gay ex = AIDS. What part of that do you not understand?
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