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I have the perfect solution. DON'T GO and stay in Washington and DO YOUR JOB or resign .
Obama calls this action great ? Who the fk does he think he's kidding. Send hundreds of bombers and fighters over there and kill these creeps until their all GONE. MAN UP Obama.
BUT Bush was really an American.
Did this surprise anyone ? If you reporters don't follow my lead ; I'm going home and taking my bat with me . The real question should have been ; Why isn't Congress moving to remove you ? I would love to hear someone ask him that . Steam would come out of his ears . He does have a plan . I'll bet he absorbed the lives of Hitler , Stalin , and Togo preparing a future course of action .Dictators always take the same action . Will we ever be saved from this no nothing community organizer ? Will 2014 put an end to America's mistake ?
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Is Obama Wrong on Ukraine?

blackhawk Wrote: May 07, 2014 7:27 AM
Remember what Obama , when caught on camera , said to Puten about when he got re-elected .We deserve this mess with no voter ID , letting Spain to count the votes , allowing illegals vote and accepting allowing the main stream media bow down to their king .
When will honest scientists lead the charge proving global warming is false science (sic) . Massive amounts of our tax dollars is feeding these fakes but still the REAL scientists say nothing.
Obama and his cohorts are a total waste. He and they ,being all liberals , want socialism so despertly that they are blinded in their failure to lead in America .The failure of this administration is obvious to everyone except the brain dead Obama followers. Please God ; Let November come quickly so we can clean our country of these misguided enemies of our Christian/Jewish country before You lose all faith in America.
What's the matter O-Liar.Med Adv works and made you look more stupid.
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Ryan Saves GOP From Itself

blackhawk Wrote: Dec 15, 2013 7:58 AM
Kudlow is and always was a democrat plant. He just never makes sense. He's not very bright either.
You fools do realize that Santa was not real ,Right ??? Soooo. If blacks want to make him as a black ; Go ahead and do it. Included in my Christmas decorations ,we have a black Santa that my wife bought.I have 18 grand and 4 great grandchildren and NOT ONE of them even gave it a thought.Racism in our home is DEAD and so is this stupid arguement.
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