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The Two Faces of Marco Rubio

Black and White Brian Wrote: May 06, 2013 5:19 AM
.... One of two kinds of Marco Rubio will emerge from the Gang of Eight: ....A principled champion standing tall -- or; A tame opportunist in Herr Schumer’s thrall. .... And sights.... Agree 100% But, either way? Won't matter worth a Brass Razu! Senor Rubio blew it by ever seeking and/or joining that loathsome and fearsome shower's company and/or ranks. Put a fork in him. Marco John Sidney Rubio's done

Most theories on political tension include expressions of degrees on a scale.  Terms like left wing and right wing can prove useful for categorizing the positions staked out on a particular civic matter.  But political spectra seem inadequate for describing the acrimony that frequently arises within the common bonds of a political party.

The Republicans currently suffer this condition.  Losing to the most liberal and aggressive president in history twice in a row, coupled with having to work from the minority position in the U.S. Senate has exposed some stress fractures within the party.  The phenomenon can be observed...