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.... For more from Nick Sorrentino, visit ..... Love more from Mr Sorrentino -- but not if it it requires I visit a site that calls cronyism "Capitalism." Capitalism doesn't survive adjectives.
.... The Patent and Trademark Office should stay the hell out of politics .... "Should?" How's about MUST! But the "Democrats," which RICO-racketeering, vast criminal enterprises' activists and apparatchiks have long long long owned, operated and controlled every last spring and cog of the machinery of feral gummint -- and have for decades only insidiously worked their evil upon the nation -- are increasingly overt and arrogant (and authoritarian-regulatory) and now work their evil in our faces! Brian Richard Allen
The only dirty word in "Washington Redskins" is "Washington." Conjures up visions of such sinister and sleazy serial traitors as as Dingy Reid, Nazi Pelosi and Barry Soetoro.
.... Mexican Embassy: Illegal Border Crossing is not a Crime .... No, Pedro, in your case it is not: What your filthy drug-running Human-trafficking, third-world state is up to is an act of war! And God alone knows why America's border bums -- and not to forget America's Military Forces -- don't appropriately respond!
How do you spell: Traitor? Only Richard Delano Nixon and Franklin Milhous Roosevelt have (each) by their by any other name treasonous and unconstitutional expansions of fascist feral gummint power, caused our beloved fraternal republic more lasting harm.
.... Uh-oh: Hillary’s ghostwriter's book isn’t selling well. Poor creature. Hope she doesn’t go broke .... Down to her last Twelve Million Dollar doublewide! Last I heard!
.... New Rules for Iraqis: Repent or Die, Say 5 Daily Prayers, Women Not Allowed Outside; Grim Massacres .... Sound's like Obama's been by?
.... unambiguous win for conservatives were the Roberts and Alito appointments to the Supreme Court; the former is viewed with suspicion today .... Viewed with suspicion? That's a joke,eh? Don't try and sell it to Jon Stewart, though. He for sure will find it funny. All the way to the archway through which Obamacare (Lenin-Care) will march all Free Men into the totalitarian state: Gesundheitswesen Macht Frei.
.... anything Obama touches is doomed, doomed I tell you .... Don't tell me there's been gambling at Barick's?
Surely takes one Heck of a long time for this moron to say absolutely nothing. One Heck of a job these days to figger which of the fascist Left's dangerous dullards comes closest to being THE most dangerously dumb. But but the dumbest woman to ever poop between two shoes is Jean-Francois Kerry retarded -- and right down there with the thickest!
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