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Ummmm .... This is effectively a print medium. Transcripts?
.... This is not 1968 when a treasonous Walter Cronkite took to the airwaves and turned the nation treasonous .... And that's notwithstanding that the Goebbels' School fascist Leftards now running the news desks propaganda, Big Lies, treasons, seditions and subversions aggregate to such a degree as to make pikers of the Cronkite crowd. Brian Richard Allen
.... facts bounce off the fascissocialist/liberal skull as does water, from a duck's back .... Or: it makes as much sense to debate a "liberal" as it does to attempt a conversation with any other psychopath, sociopath,fascistic-totalitarian ideologue, zealot and/or islamanazi.
Fascissocialism (AKA [modern] "liberalism") is a psychosis. And you're the proof.
.... The unbiased IRS that we once knew (really? When?) has vanished. It has become an appendage of the ruling government .... Or has rather become the appendage of the vast RICO-racketeering organized-criminal hordes that prefers we call them by their street name: the "Democratic" potty: Whose frontmen are presently pretending to "government."
What do you call a half "white" Mussolini-modeled modified-Marxist murtadd (he says) muslim Indonesian foreign-exchange "student" who besquats and bemanures our 1600 Pennsylvania public housing projects? Why, Barry Buraq Hussayn bin Buraq Hussayn bin Hussayn Ubama Frank Marshall Davis Samuel Doe Charles Taylor Soetoro, of course!
The war in which America has been longest engaged is the decades-long war being conducted across our southern borders and well into our homeland by Mexico. And the feral gummint that has for almost 240 years kept every evil basta*d on Earth from the throats of every other of the world's every other evil creature, cannot and/or will not - same difference - lift a finger to defend our beloved fraternal republic against a bunch of third-world- bean eaters? Does no-one in DC get it that a nation is no longer a nation that cannot and/or will not defend its Sovereign Borders against invasion! "Remember the Alamo," Hell! Remember United States of America's then President and Armed-Forces Commander-In-Chief, Dwight David Eisenhower! Brian Richard Allen
.... the worst part of this, if this were a Republican he'd be impeached (by) now .... Republican or no -- basta*d'd be impeached by now if only there was a Republican or two in Our House!
How does one kindly and compassionately spell: "United States of America's President and Armed-Forces Commander-In-Chief-elect, Doctor Benjamin Solomon Carson?" (If not for We, The (Sovereign-American) People, Doctor Carson, do it for your Mom! Do it for Sonya Carson)
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