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He's not a "constitutional" nor any other kind of "lawyer." As is his Missus, he is a disbarred (for cause) former lawyer. Who in any case was never other than a part time lecturer and, like his Missus, has never litigated a single case.
Doctor Krauthammer's a Given -- but congratulations to Miss Kelly - @MegynKelly - who has overcome @FoxNews' early attempts to make her show a fairground-like sideshow-alley extension of the insufferable O'Reilly's and has forged back to being what she so patently is: one of far too few serious FoxNews' contenders (with the heretofore-mentioned Good Doctor, Mr Gutfeld & Ms Tantaros) for "Sharpest Knife In The Fox's Drawer!" Way to go! Ms Kelly! Mr Ailes! Mr Murdoch!
.... I for one will gladly fly to Houston with a toothbrush in hand and join these brave men of God .... Me,too!
Holder, Barry Soetoro and similar voices of conscience can seem eloquent. Especially when they read from teleprompters .... Or if you prefer Truth to satire, only when reading from teleprompters!
So Merkel has vayess unt means off meykking you bullunce zee buddchett -- but the absolutely vital Kiev Canal closes because there is no money for infrastructure repairs and maintenance. And generations of other as-idiotic and as dogma-driven government blunders (including that when the state will "take care" of you in old age you don't need kids -- and so Germans don't have any -- and are all old!) have seen to it even that Germans no longer have enough children to survive as a nation! That all of Europe is doomed is a given but that Germany is as much or more at risk of total collapse as-than are the PIIGS? Has not yet been really seriously-enough considered! -- Brian Richard Allen
.... Sayiid Soetoro rarely if ever cancels fundraisers so the maneuver certainly raised some eyebrows in Washington .... Insiders tell me they can no longer conscript enough paid staffers and other zealots to fill the empty seats.
I was born on and island in the Pacific Ocean and although all of my ancestors are/were Scottish Celts, thus get to check (and to enjoy checking) the "Pacific Islander/Asian" box. What utter bull is all that Projected racialist cr*p.
.... Obama doesn't want to protect Americans .... Translation? Obama wants to hurt Americans.
.... Obama is sending troops from the 101st Airborne, the pride of our Army, to Liberia. Their general should resign in protest .... Except these days "their" generals are Obama's Cli'ton-era-reminiscent pride-less poofter-like perfumed princelings.
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