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A usefully-idiotic fellow-traveler with the only be-squatter and be-manurer of the 1600-Pennsylvania-Avenue Public Housing Projects, usually reserved for America's president, to have lost TWO American-won wars. From the traitor, Roosevelt, who handed WW-II victory to his beloved "Uncle Joe" and millions into slavery and death through Truman and Kennedy and LBJ and Cartah and Billah-Bubbah Blythe, the track record was to lose only one already-won-war, apiece. And then came Zero and there went Afghanistan and Iraq! And it's all the fault of former (and America's most recent) President and Armed-Forces Commander-In-Chief: George Walker Bush! Fire up the company jet! Peel me another grape! What's our Tee-Time, again?
.... the George Bushes .... Presumably the Georges, Bush?
.... the "trump-up" of WOMD concern of Bush when it turns out Soddom had none .... Bull. Even notwithstanding their presence was far from the primary reason the Liberation was conducted, the fascist-leftard-driven canard there were no WMD is about as evil a Big Lie as any that has been run by us since the one that says Franklin Milhous Roosevelt wasn't the most efficacious traitor America has ever known and/or that Roosevelt and half of those that comprised his "administration" were not actual and/or effective Soviet agents! Hundreds of tons of yellowcake have been shipped from Iraq to Canada and Soddom's Ba'ath Socialist twin and Syria's Baby-Basher Half-Arsed Assad is still (in no small part thanks to the six-months' interference run by the slimy Limey, Tiny Blair) is still employing Soddom's road-transported to safety before the Iraq Liberation begun chemical and biological weapons. As recently as this month the British intelligence services adamantly stood by their insistence there were Iraqi WMDs. REMINDER: "DEMOCRATIC" potty warnings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cwqh4wQPoQk
.... Is the pretender incompetent or lawless ...? No. The barsteward is incompetent and lawless?
At tax time, that the state is the one doing the stealing does not make theft moral. And nor does the fact the state is the one doing the killing make capital punishment other than a ghastly obscenity nor make those that carry out and/or condone the killings other than cold blooded killers.
Ummmm .... This is effectively a print medium. Transcripts?
.... This is not 1968 when a treasonous Walter Cronkite took to the airwaves and turned the nation treasonous .... And that's notwithstanding that the Goebbels' School fascist Leftards now running the news desks propaganda, Big Lies, treasons, seditions and subversions aggregate to such a degree as to make pikers of the Cronkite crowd. Brian Richard Allen
.... facts bounce off the fascissocialist/liberal skull as does water, from a duck's back .... Or: it makes as much sense to debate a "liberal" as it does to attempt a conversation with any other psychopath, sociopath,fascistic-totalitarian ideologue, zealot and/or islamanazi.
Fascissocialism (AKA [modern] "liberalism") is a psychosis. And you're the proof.
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