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.... Promulgators and practitioners of the "multiculturalism" fraud claim cultural values are "morally equivalent." Those of islamanazism and of the Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilized, for example ..... While hypocritically in Denial of its own definitive bigotry of diminished expectations, the racialism-institutionalizing fascist Left quite openly discusses, incites, encourages and facilitates the flow into the west, of millions of the presumably "undeveloped," from what the Left has no problem calling the "developing world." Silly question, I know -- but, if we and the products of our "equal cultures" are all so darned "equal," why the one-way flow? Brian Richard Allen
Hear! Hear! Well said.
.... These are all things that make you say, "Hmmm" but do not justify knee-jerk and unsubstantiated cries of "RAAAACISM!" .... Unless you view the world through the distorting lens of the Malignant-Envy-driven, self, own-culture and own-species, even, loathing and seething hatred and rage that defines the modern, fascist-Leftard, "Democrat, keeps him in Morbid Denial and ensures that pretty much every sound that issues from him is but the Pathological Projection of the content of his imploding black hole "soul." All y'all listening? Kameradin Jackson Lee? Kamerad John Lewis? Parteigenosse Shaun King? Et al .... Brian Richard Allen
.... no one says how those who spent years and thousands of dollars to become legal Americans feel -- or whether their money will be refunded now or in the future. This would of course include my father's people and my wife's fathers people .... And me!
.... Egypt, which I believe has the largest Muslim population in the world .... Not even close. Indonesia has three times as many. Less one who's in DC. When he's not golfing at Kennebunkport -- or in Hawaii.
Whoops ... 'Flagged' the wrong one ...
Smacks of "utopian ideas?" Rubbish: Reminds more of South Africa's "pass laws" and Soviet era internal passports. And I'll be darned if I can find ant reference to that sort of feral gummint fascism and interference in states, municipalities and/or among individual Americans, enumerated in my copy of the united States' Constitution.
.... Loved Ann's column ... Me, too! And, talking of money-grubbing Democrats, meeting money-grubbing Democrats, there's an as-wonderful Victor Davis Hanson column in this issue too. Don't shout it out too loudly but I reckon the kind of fascissocialism the "Democrats" these days call "liberalism," has about done that gang in! All thats left of its base are the psychopaths, sociopaths and the just plain evil -- and the 40-odd% of the really retarded on the Left of the Bell Curve.
.... "... So I've had to worry over the years for, Chirlane had to worry .... Why? Surely her dealer wasn't a young black male? Surely not. Brian Richard Allen
.... Terrorism in Paris: "gunmen" (Translation: gutless girly-boys) yell allahu akbar while slaughtering at Satire Magazine .... How come the only word in English that continues to be favored by and/or has escaped the attention of the PC Nazis is the one combining "gun" and "man?" When he's not feloniously tapping telephones, does the Pommy poof, O'Meara - AKA "Piers Morgan" - double as PC-Police Commissioner?
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