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.... Missus (Billy-Bubbah Blythe) "Cli'ton" was gifted the secretary of state's office and perquesites despite having no experience in foreign affairs** .... Nor in domestic. Having failed the deliberately-dumbed-down-for-the-District's-demographics DC Bar and - after marrying her way past the Arkansas - having never litigated a single case. Nor having met a payroll, been responsible to a profit center, managed a nightshift in a 7-11 nor a day-shift in a Hot-Springs' hack. Brian Richard Allen ** Unless one counts the Muslim Brotherhood's Huma Mahmood Abedin. (Who sounds and acts quite foreign) Brian Richard Allen
Me too! Matter-o-fact I believe I shall: "Just a corrupt, third-rate Chicago political hack who used to smoke dope in the Choom gang". There!
Only 1006 DAYS 6 HOURS 25 MINUTES Until he's gone! Too bad though that the evil "Democrats" do lives on.
Remind me one more time .... Who is this Buraq Hussayn feller, again?
.... Europe is tired of our heavy meddling in it .... Yes! The ingrate basta*ds! We cannot measure the hundreds of thousands of gallons of our warriors blood that - these past two hundred and twenty-odd years - has been sacrificed to save them from themselves and from one another nor yet total the Trillions of Dollars of our treasure similarly squandered. And hesperophobically-ingrate Europe is "tired of our heavy meddling in it." So let's stop already. (Departs to sounds of Metallica Heavy Metalling .....)
.... Parteigenosse Sebelius will now get to enjoy one of the benefits of Obamacare touted by Democrats: She'll have a lot more time to make dinner .... Or - if she elects to return to an earlier incarnation - to slaughter babies at a Kansas aborttoir. And, later on, to rot and burn in Hell!
.... It is one of life’s great quandaries that the very nation who elected John F. Kennedy would also invite Barack Obama back for a second term .... And it is one of the greatest ironies that neither of those claims is true. Both election were stolen. The drug-addicted mobbed-up satyr, Kennedy's, by the war-profiteering Military-Industrial-Complex-kingpin Kennedy Crime Family's called-in Mob favors. And Zero's by virtue of the "Democratic" potty, over decades already, having first insidiously incrementaly infiltrated and subsequently taken over evey last cog, wheel and spring of America's elections' machinery and what - any more - passes as our every electoral roll. Brian Richard Allen
.... does anyone else sense the Left's becoming unhinged ...? Astute but not quite spot on - so no Qingming Festival Box for you this week. What is happening - the consequence of the past several years of hard Leftardism - is that the Left, long definitively psychotic, has been arrogantly letting down its guard and giving us all a look at the way it's always been. Reality is that as every form of socialism descends from Malignant Envy and from a driving self and own-culture and in-the-end, own-species loathing and is, in and of itself, a psychosis. And its every votary a psychotic. And even Ted Bundy got away with being one of those. Foar a while. Brian Richard Allen
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