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Let the Democrats Shoot Themselves in the Foot

bkurth Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 9:49 AM
My take on Mr. Schlichter's thoughtful editorial is different than yours. I think he's not talking about "better PR" moving the mindless Obama Voters or the biased, bigoted media, but rather that "better PR" will energize the conservative base. And while Obama has SOME power, he does not have all the power, nor can he "hold it for the Democrats". Remember, even with Obama and the MSM doing all they could on behalf of the Democrats, those Democrats once again LOST the House.
johnm h Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 10:44 AM
Yes, but you can't energize the base with nothing, nor PR, but with the real thing. The real thing would have won the last election, but the establishment is still playing to the middle. The democrats have to play to the middle because they are off in left field. The Republicans have to play to reality, sound principles for the simple reason that they work and can be simplified enough to move the middle if articulated consistently, forcefully and followed by action. Pork in the fiscal cliff debacle summed it all up. There is no PR that can dress that up.

For the liberal establishment, “political courage” means a politician spitting in the face of his conservative constituents. The President’s gun proposals demand such political courage, and we conservatives ought to be all for it.

There are people who really believe President Barack Obama is some sort of cunning political grand-master, plotting out the checkmate ten moves ahead of his plodding opponents. Nonsense. He’s actually President Peter Principle, failing ever upward thanks to the disarray of his opponents.

Just when you think he might be clever enough to score his cheap points off of Newtown and turn back to beating the hapless...