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If by "notoriously right-wing" you mean not projecting turnouts equivalent to or greater than 2008, sure. Do a google search, there was a recent list of most accurate pollsters. Rasmussen's #1. Nailed it in 2004, 2008, 2010.
Rasmussen's last New Hampshire poll is almost a month old I believe, but it showed Mitt ahead. Considering Rasmussen's the most accurate pollster out there and the only one not blatantly skewing toward the left, uh....might wanna stop short on the "despite trailing" bit.
What exactly can the House do when the Senate Majority Leader squashes anything and everything the House sends to the Senate for a vote because it goes against the agenda of his puppetmaster in the White House?
All this desperation to show that Obama's still got his head above water...all before Romney opens the coffers post-convention. I *just* started seeing consistent Romney ads on TV here in Michigan at the start of the week; Obama ads have been running consistently for a few weeks now. The GOP convention will be all about hammering Obama on the economy, raiding Medicare for his unpopular Obamacare. The democrat convention will be about...........abortion. Ohio, Florida, Colorado and Virginia will shift red after the conventions, with Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada in striking distance, and Pennsylvania lingering out there as a possible-but-not-likely. Romney will settle aroun 300 EVs. Ballgame.
Worth considering re: the Michigan poll: http://www.examiner.com/article/pollster-says-reagan-democrats-play-michigan
Take the Michigan poll with a huge grain of salt. Huge.
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