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You know i respect this guy because at least he was man enough to tell the truth. If every dem was like this guy, we would have so many less problems in this country now (this doesnt mean i agree with the dem ideology, in fact i think its a disease)
Well how do you expect Obama to give out a budget? He probably cant even run his own family's living budget...
Ya well it doesnt matter because your boy in the video is giving Ryan lots of credit. Obama is toast buddy!!!
Yes my friend because the truth prevails at the end and the good wins. Even if we lose this election, we will be winners at the end because we run on the truth.
Since when do we have dems talking facts? I thought when dems hear facts, they start changing the subject and pointing fingers.
You know being a minority catholic from Iran, it is very depressing to have to run away from the muslims there (from all the husseins) and come here to only find your new president is called "Hussein".
My friend you shouldn't even waste 1 bit of your energy trying to explain your self to these people. These people are classless, and just want FREE STUFF and will not believe the truth even if you sing it in their ears everyday. What we need to do is let them jumb up and down as much as they want and keep our focus on the number one issues in the country which is JOBS, something that Obamboo will never understand because he never worked a day in his life (just gave good, fake speeches to the uninformed).
To all the libs that think conservatives or republicans are all old white men, let me tell you you're wrong! I am an 27 year old minority catholic that fled Iran to come to this great country to be successful and hopefully one day start a business and employe my American brothers and sisters. I have only been in the states for 11 years but was able to get my degree and become a network technician which pays very good where i live in Cali...Now if Obama gets out the way, i can hopefully open my IT Consulting Firm... Romeny 2012
Obama is in big trouble and you can easily see it on his face. This week he just showed all business owners and successfull people that they are his enemies and he will go after them IF he gets re-elected.
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