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Ouch: 6 Million Uninsured Americans Will Pay 'Obamatax'

bkelsey Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 11:41 AM
You are just as foolish as Obama supporters. Romney wants to keep many parts of ObamaCare, and was the inspiration for it. He supports indefinite detentions of American citizens. He supports the Patriot Act. After four years of Romney the debt will still approach $20+ trillion. The FED will continue to devalue our money. We will still be sticking our nose in the business of other nations. And Romney has signed more gun control bills into law than Obama. A vote for Romney is a vote for more of the same. Silly right wing sheep.

Months out from the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act, and Americans bombarded by mile-a-minute election coverage, it's easy to forget that ACA implementation is creeping up on us. But today, in a great reminder of the real struggles that we'll still face after November 6th, the Congressional Budget Office released a new estimate of how many will be paying taxes for going without insurance. And, fitting the holding pattern, the number is higher than previously expected.

Overall, 6 million Americans will pay "Obamatax," as some have called it. These are middle class individuals, without insurance...