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Most Americans Support Deporting Illegal Immigrants

BK24 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 7:29 PM
If we got serious about deportation, maybe the Mexicans would build the border wall so they wouldn't have to take back their crooks & losers. Hey, if it gets the job done . . .
alphonsejones Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 7:38 PM
Arizona was bussing illegals back to the border and dropping them off in Mexico.

Mayors of border towns started begging Arizona to stop because the couldn't handle the number of criminals suddenly in their presense

this trash has no problem coming here illegally but once here they think no one should send them home

the problem is that these illegals come here and believe if they can bribe the right person they can stay, since bribes are a way of life where they come from

far better we set up a kill zone inside the border and anyone caught there either starts heading south or they get to fill a hole in the ground

Although we have been hearing a lot from Washington lately about new immigration policy, it seems that our legislators are not listening! A recent Reuters/Ipsos survey found that the majority of Americans want illegal immigrants deported. Clearly the 53 percent of respondents who want all or most illegal immigrants deported are not getting used to the idea of easing immigration laws.

Reuters explains their findings by saying,

These results are in line with other polls in recent years, suggesting that people’s views on immigration have not changed dramatically since the immigration debate reignited in Congress last month, according...