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For Love of Country, Impeach Obama

BK24 Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 11:34 AM
What we learned from the last attempt at removing a liberal president is that it would require an opposition party manned by constitution-thumping conservatives with cojones anchored to a backbone. Does America have such a party?
Obama is not fundamentally transforming anything. FDR put us on the road from Independence Hall to Red Square 70-odd years ago. Obama just happened to be driving the bus when we got so close to our destination that we could no longer kid ourselves about where we've been going all along.
We've been studying them from the outside. Maybe here's a chance to get inside data. Maybe we'll get nothing, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
This is not to defend Bergdahl's actions (or Obama's). But consider this - this man (" ") lived in the enemy's camp five years, & now he's in our hands. There's a lot he can tell us about the Taliban. I'm sure they didn't let him in on any major or even minor operational data. But just the description of how they live - what gets them happy or riled up - the quality of their food and who among them gets how much - the unseen pecking orders that exist within any organization - anything he can tell us can help us flesh out our knowledge of how the Taliban live, think and work. Even the misinformation they might've fed him can be highly informative to an experienced intelligence analyst. Bring him home, and have some long conversations with him. Then drop him in Gitmo with his soul mates.
The seventh paragraph (beginning "One thing you're beginning to see . . ) shows how rotten the Republican party has become. The strategist admits that Obamacare is unpopular, and then says it not his party's business to politically LEAD the people whi don't like Obamacare in the drive to resist and ultimately repeal. HEY, "STRATEGIST!" If Obama & his pack of nanny-statists have the vision & gumption to structurally change the system, why doesn't your party have the simple cojones to structurally restore the system? Why won't you even TRY to lead the way? The "strategist" says, "Where Democrats lead, we must follow. We may not like it, but we'll do it." This shows absence of vision, lack of spine and abdication of leadership. This will not win respect or loyalty, and certainly not votes.
Everything said here about HRClinton is true, but irrelevant as long as America has no opposition party. (If anyone knows of a political party that actually works to oppose America's long march to Red Square, please speak up!) The voters who elected WJClinton & Obama twice each won't have any problem electing HRClinton twice as well. HRClinton has policy baggage? Well, WJClinton had personal baggage and Obama came to the 2008 election with an empty bag. But they'll both get their presidential dollar coins in due course. Here's just one example of what a truly conservative - that is, truly oppositional - candidate might propose: he'd point out that, according to the constitution, Medicare and Obamacare are just senior and junior generations of the same beastly species, and say that the repeal of Obamacare will be the first step in a program to repeal all federal meddling with health care and insurance, all the way back to Medicare/caid. That would be a genuine difference from what the Democrats offer, and it might draw some old-believing constitutionalist Americans to the polls -perhaps enough to carry an election. It's never been tried before, and it's certainly worth a try now..
"But the truth of the matter is that both parties are at fault and have lost their way- especially the Republican Party." Respectfully, l must disagree. the Democratic Party has always been on the road to Red Square, and they've never lost their way for a minute. But there was a time when the Republican Party tried to get America on the way back to Independence Hall. (At 53, i'm almost old enough to recall it.) This is the party that has lost its way - has lost its reason for being. " . . .you can’t beat the liberal Democrats in elections and turn our country back around until the Republican Party is saved." I have grave doubts this. The progressives who have hijacked the party have made it their own. This is the party of Dewey and Rockefeller now - no Tafts or Goldwaters need apply. Even if we conservatives succeed in driving the progressives out of their party and remaking it in our own image, it will take time - time that America no longer has. Lady Liberty needs a political party to stand up for her now - NOW - and if that cannot be the formerly Grand old party, then let it be a truly conservative party formed specifically to advance constitutional Americanism and roll back New Deailing socialism. The Republican Party is gone. But we may still be able to save America.
I'd like to ask these people some bigger questions: What is a president? What would you want any given president to do? How would you say if President X is doing a good or bad job?
This makes sense if she's stepping aside for Chelsea, who'll be of presidential age in 2016.
annfan_777 Wrote: 2 hours ago (6:45 AM) And his legacy will be that he went down fighting.......AGAINST his own base and against the strongest and most passionate elements of the party. A legacy of going down fighting against liberals, like say, Jesse Helms or Henry Hyde have, would be a far more honorable one, but somehow that seems to escape our rocket scientist establishment types. ------------------------ Well said. kick him to the curb. Him and all others who suck up to lefties and sell out our constitution and our country.
I'm a stakeholder in the United States Constitution. If Paul ever betrays the Constitution, l'll kick him to the curb. I have quite a bit of practice at kicking lefties to the curb - Rubio, Bush (pick one), McCain, etc.
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