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A Pattern of Abuse Emerges, From Top Down

bjohnson226 Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 1:41 PM
How dare anyone question King Obama. Everyone should know that once he ascended to his throne everything he did and will do should not be questioned, it is for our own good.

This morning, I noted that -- taken in context -- what Gene Sperling wrote to Bob Woodward didn't qualify as an outright "threat," at least to me.

It's worth wondering why The White House so quickly released the Sperling email, though.  Was it to prevent other members of the MSM from coming forward with their own stories of abuse at the hands of Obama's people? If so, it may be too late.

Ron Fournier, late of the AP and now of the National Journal, tells of hectoring and abuse from "a senior White House official" so severe that he finally...