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I don't know, I find muslim holidays to be pretty offensive. Something about slicing their scalps and letting the blood flow just bothers me. Of course, their belief that I should be killed bothers me a bit more...
I just want to correct the premise that atheism is "practiced." Atheism is defined as a disbelief in a deity; there is no practice associated with not believing.
Actually, science is not on any side; however, the evidence so far, both actual and theoretical, suggests that a creator is not necessary and thus not likely.
Painting with a broad brush; not all atheists are the same. Atheism is also not, for most atheists, a religion.
Strawman fallacy. The point of school choice and vouchers is not to "improve the performance of school districts," it's to give parents more control over their children's education and improve student performance--which has been the result in every instance where school choice has been expanded. Nevertheless, it's far easier to drag out the tired canard that "school choice" is just another euphemism for (sigh) "segregation." The only segregation I want to see is my children segregated from slower-performing students whose parents don't give a cr@p about their education, and bottom-third teachers who only chose "education" because they lacked the intellect to survive a more robust curriculum.
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The Underclass

BJ20 Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 9:59 AM
News Flash: no one's "kneecapping" black folks any longer. The state of the black community in America is the result of the decision-making of individual black folks. Yes there is still racism, but it exists on both sides and is no longer a significant impediment. There is nothing that the government or "white society" can do to help black folks. Blacks must decide to make better choices (finish high school, go to college, wait to have children--per Bill Cosby) if they wish to better themselves and their circumstances.
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Can Obama Conquer the Supreme Court

BJ20 Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 4:10 PM
Guess what, Joe, enabling the mandate within Obamacare to remain would--in fact--be "legislating from he bench." Obama and his proxies in Congress knew that the mandate was not Constitutional, which is why they had to twist the "commerce" clause into a pretzel to explain it. I don't disagree with the concept of a mandate, but the ONLY way to do it it is by Constitutional amendment--that's why we have the process. In typical Democrat fashion, however, Obama and his proxies have created this faux legality from thin air and hoped that no one noticed. The supremes are right and Obama--as usual--is wrong.
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