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Rich, you are absolutely correct
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The 'Trickle-Down' Lie

bizowner Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 11:24 PM
It does not matter Goldi because your socialists do not know how to fight, either. They only depend on the media to support, and anti-pinochio your anti-God party affiliations.
What a joke. Getting money from the government does not create new jobs. By the way, getting money from the government means getting money from federal taxpayers who earn money by something we call "work".
Yes. All they do is lie. Period. Then they lie some more to cover up the last lie. And then they lie about the lies.
Saying that insurance companies are notorious for dropping people off of their plans every year before this obamacare fiasco is an out-an-out lie. Period.
As I keep saying, there is not one troll here that has signed up for obamacare.
From what I understand, you can register to vote when giving all of your so-called honest data about yourself for getting the cheapest obamacare rate which will normally be at least twice what you were used to paying + yearly deductible + 30% you owe above the so-called deductible. Welcome, comrade ... now pay-up.
... then we will talk about the $126 trillon+ due to be paid for Social security, medicare, and Medicaid, but get the current debt paid NOW!
Oh c'mon now, the US national debt is only $17 trillion. Please, if all you taxpayers would pay your portion of it then it would ONLY be $148,134 for each of you. For you and your wife (or hubby, or uhhmm ... partner) it would only be a little under $300,000 (not including the marriage tax penalty). Get with it comrades. Pay up ... now.
Here, here!
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