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It must suck to be you right about now, huh, OtW... your Marxist buddies in the MSM don't own the narrative anymore. The only place to get the real skinny is Fox News. I know it and you know it.
good one sheepdog...
Andrea Mitchel put one more nail in the dinosaur media coffin today. John Sununu performs a surgical take down of Andrea in her house. It's a beautiful thing. And that gurgling sound you hear from the MSM is their death rattle.
Carney's got Stockholm syndrome complete with nervous tick. No one believes him or them. What'cha gonna do when you can't run on your record? It's got to eat at you, knowing your guys going down in flames and everything he tells you to say is a lie, recorded for time and all eternity.
Really? You needed an Photo ID to see Holder speak to the NAACP. Were there any poor black folk at this event? Bet not. What a bunch of black racist hypocrites.
Sweet...another democrat talking point blows up! DWS and her dang Swiss bank accounts. And she thought no one would find out. If it's possible, she is dumber than she looks.
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