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Report: Less Than 15 Percent of Obamacare 'Enrollees' Are Actually Covered

Bitter Clinger in PA Wrote: Dec 12, 2013 11:57 AM
Well looky-looky here.......a real crisis!! This is going to give Obama, Jarrett, the entire administration, and the progressives an opportunity to do something that has never been done before.....single payer! If the real conservatives do not mount a serious run for congress in 2014 and the presidency in 2016 the progressives will get their decades old dream of single payer, total government controlled healthcare.
Bob F. RVN70-71 Wrote: Dec 12, 2013 12:04 PM
It's obvious to me as it is to you, that this failure was likely planned so that they will have their excuse to go to single payer. What I am wondering is, how they will justify to those other than the Obamabots that they can't build and run a functioning web site but they WILL be able to completely take over the administration of our healthcare system and be able to do THAT well. (Everyone on this site except the Obamabots knows that they of course won't be able to run it well).