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America's Empty Slogan: "See Something, Say Something"

Bitter Clinger in PA Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 12:29 AM
The bomber/bombers wil be captured and given full protection under U.S. law. The trial will cost millions in taxpayer money, will take 10 plus years to complete and they will live out the rest of their lives in a nice warm prison with three squares a day, cable television, conjugal (sp) visitation rights, free medical care (even a sex change will be paid for by the taxpayers), and they will write books and give interviews and be a regular celebrity. This is America, kill our citizens and get rewarded for it.
Mark in CA Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 2:40 AM
Damn, BlackPeter! You are going to persuade a few people to make career changes in order to secure themselves a comfortable retirement.
In brief remarks to the nation yesterday on the Boston Marathon bombings, President Obama said that "we all have a part to play in alerting authorities. If you see something suspicious, speak up." In Washington, D.C., electronic signs urged commuters to be on guard. Law enforcement, big-city mayors and security experts all echoed that famous post-terrorism refrain: "If you see something, say something."

But who really means it?

In post-9/11 America, the truth is that our politically correct guardians only want you to see, say or do something if it can't be construed by grievance-mongers as racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, nativist or any...