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This terdball is the perfect example of why the left is despised.
Anybody ever heard of a babysitter?
Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton = hustler's unholy trinity.
I hope all those Socialist know-it-alls in Vermont get it stuck to them BIG TIME!
Obama = loser Obama = POTUS America = loser
Yeah, no kidding. Do you want the gov't watching over and interfering with everything you do, or do you want control over your own destiny? Sadly, many have opted for option 1 - mediocrity.
This administration's middle name is "cover up". From Benghazi to the IRS to Fast & Furious to the NSA to Syria to the health care monstrosity, it has been one cover up after another. The admin doesn't believe that it has to explain anything. That's what happens when you have a compliant press and lazy citizens. This is not the American way, folks. Be careful, be very careful. Otherwise we may end up like 1930's Germany.
Do not surrender your arms. Otherwise there is no reason for the government to knock when they come a calling.
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