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Andy Gipson Mississippi Mississippi state GOP Rep. Andy Gipson clarified on Monday an earlier Facebook post, claiming that his citation of a Bible passage calling for gay men to be "put to death" in the wake of Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage rights was not in line with his true feelings on the matter.
You might avail yourself of some of the recent articles and news that have come out about the Supremes lately. You have nothing to worry about if your think they don't see themselves as closet fascists who want to remake America.
Dar, I personally am happy with whatever you believe, as long as you don't hurt anybody, like that Evangelical pastor who wants to put homosexuals in elecric cages and kill them off) My point was that TH wants to get everybody boiling by insisting that Bill Maher is the only person alive who thinks Mormonism is a cult, and that conservatives would never say such a thing. My examples proved otherwise.
Turns out the Kochs can even buy elections. Good for America. Why don't we just skip the formalities and make them popes, or emporers? I'm sure your votes are for sale as well.
But, hey, it's only business!
Town Hall writers play you morons like a fiddle every single day. All they have to do is dangle a little red meat of outrage in front of your noses and you stay tuned from morning to night.
And here's Bob Jones III, hyper conservative fundamentalist: "apparently keeping the GOP ELEPHANT in power means more than anything for some. So they’ll promote a known cult drone who flip-flops on the issues, just so the GOP gets a win. "
Evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress stole the Friday news cycle with his comments that Mitt Romney, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was a “non-Christian” in a “cult”– shortly after having introduced Rick Perry as speaker at the Values Voter Summit.
afflicted our clients. The town we lived in was so interbred, everyone had normal upper bodies, but real short, squat lower bodies , but real short, squat lower bodies. Brothers were having sex with sisters, and cousins frequently married. This was written by a conservative. see for yourself
So Maher is the devil's spawn because he called Mormonism a cult? Here is what some of your lovely conservatives had to say: vHere's a personal comment by a Town Hall blogger (conservative) the the pre-Romney days: "I HATE MORMONS. My wife and I moved to Heber, Utah, thinking how pretty it was. The damned Mormons tried to take our kids away from us and put them in a good Mormon home because we were "non Mormons". No kidding. I called the state attorney general about it. They actually had a special unit to deal with these type of small Mormon town problems, and they must have whooped some a**, 'cause the authorities backed way off. My wife and I also worked in a retarded men's home in the region. All those rare, incest-caused, syndromes
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