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Why We Were Surprised on November 6th?

Birdman III Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 10:34 AM
As if the Democrat Brand is sparkling clean? When the bus is heading over the cliff, when does women issues, gay rights, globull warming, et al suddenly become so important? So women have the rigth to abort a life within them... is that more important than becoming Greece or Russia in the '20 and '30s? So gay faggs can marry... whooptiedoo. Is that more important starving because food prices are outta sight because gas prices are outta sight? Is everything more important than our government spending money we don't have?
LibertyBell777 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 1:55 PM
Birdman III: Neither party is sparkling clean but the Republican party has hit a new low. The only time Romney tied Obama in the polls was when he moved to the center. Your party is the one that focuses on abortion, gays, and immigration while they claim to focus on economics. And (1) pregnant women are a lot more capable of making a decision about abortion than the government (2) the government shouldn't say who has the right to marry; (3) gas prices are not controlled by the president but set on the WORLD market; and (4) I don't remember Republican outrage when Bush was running up a 5 trillion deficit- because there wasn't any! Jack2894 is spot on and you just helped his point.
Jack2894 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 11:31 AM
Your foolishness is just part of the problem. Instead of turning your gaze inward, you immediately respond with a childhood dodge...."wahhhh you are just as bad...waaaahhh". The reality is that those positions have been a key part fo the rhetoric for BOTH sides, and democrat ideas appealed to more voters than the conservative positions.

Ok, I was wrong. I thought the Republicans would win the Presidency. I was not the only one. Smart people like Michael Barone and Karl Rove thought so also, in addition to people like Dick Morris. A knowledgeable friend called me the Saturday before the election and told me John McLaughlin, the pollster, just told him Romney wins it going away. So what happened?

First there is the big picture. I think there were three issues that hurt the Romney campaign along the way. The first is his turn to the right to win the primaries. My now politically-astute son asserted...