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I guess it all depends on what your definition of 'is' is, eh Capt?
Since Bush did everything in the open with the consent of Congress, he and the CIA are guilty of nothing and Diane Feinstein is wrong to side with our enemies. Is that your task on this issue, Dr. Zero?
See my post @ 11:32 PM, wee wee willie.
We have never had a budget under Obama's administration.
This happens because we never get a budget from the Democrats. Everything becomes a crisis... And Democrats never let a crisis go to waste.
In comparing Clinton and McCain, a positive for McCain would be that he didn't give the Muzzies the keys to the Benghazi compound; on the negative side is that otherwise there is no difference between them.
WOW, that is a tough question.
He's already dead, lois, his body just doesn't know it, yet.
John McCain will be running again... gee, that is too bad. Perhaps he could get Sarah Palin again to bring him some balls before he trashed her again. Sorry John, your time has come and gone.
If Michael Brown had not attacked a police officer.. well ,even if he had, but had stopped and raised his hands, Michael Brown would be alive today. Michael Brown attacked a police office, backed up and attacked again... he refused to obey a command and now is dead. Too bad. But justifiable. sorry, But if you seek to live.. do not attack a police officer. IT is really very simple. Behave in s civilized manner and live, or act like a thug and die.
Naw, they still get paid. It ain't really a shutdown shutdown. It is merely a paper shutdown.
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