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America, Love It Or Leave It

Birdman III Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 8:59 AM
Why doesn't Obama open the doors of HIS Chicago house to the homeless? Why doesn't Obama open HIS purse to the hungry? Why does Obama think the American population must do these things? If he thinks all people are equal then one of these illegals should be given a chance at 'king for a day' and give that illegal his pay for that day.
Furthermore, why would anyone apply for sanctuary in America if no borders exited. Those who seek to kill or capture sanctuary individuals need only walk into America and grab those individuals... thus nullifying sanctuary status. Why should anyone consider citizenship if there is no illegal status in America? Obama gives all citizenship benefits to illegals as if they were citizens.
I need a passport to enter and leave Mexico. If I am found in Mexico without a passport I am considered an illegal alien. The same situation applies to Canada. Every nation in the world has entry laws. Enter any nation on earth without a passport means that you are entering illegally. Why must America surrender its sovereignty and and open its doors to anybody (including terrorists) and every body?
The only way to end the endless cycle of cesspool corruption is to, first, stop digging deeper into the cesspool.
Trading one Democrat for another will not solve Chicago's problems. Best for Chicago to bite the bullet, crash at the bottom of the cliff and start all over again. Having Obama campaigning for you would be like having the rider on the pale green horse in your corner.
He is a West Point graduate. The Army takes a dim view of dishonesty. It reflects on the core values. He may have opened himself up to a dishonorable discharge.
Just keep in mind that the off-mike Obama speaks more truth than is ever meant for public consumption. Obama to Putin, "Wait until after the election when I have more flexibility." Now we know what he meant.
Restricting our army's ROE to placate the bleeding hearts of the Liberal/Libertarian bent will always get our military personnel killed.
Scottie, you did not supply pictures with your material. Even stick figures would have helped. That is why they know nothing about Muslims, their Korans do not have pictures.
He more Liberal like you... but his buddies claim he is Libertarian.
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