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Raw: Protests, Looting in Ferguson

Birdman III Wrote: 6 hours ago (11:41 PM)
We have an executive who will not execute the law. We have an attorney General who will not enforce the law/. And we have judges will not adjudicate the law. Ferguson, MO is the result.
Instead of overturning the will of the people, perhaps the people should overturn the activist judges.
"Lives and property must be protected," Nixon said. "This community deserves to have peace." How do you enforce the protection of life and property? Do you plead with the looter to stop? Sounds like Obama pleading with Putin or ISIS. It doesn't seem to work. My wife said, shoot to kill any rioters and looters. To be fair, Governor Nixon should have stated from the start that any rioting will be dealt with the use of deadly force by arms. Looters will be shot as they exit any establishment; rioters will be shot immediately. I guarantee, somewhere after the first 10-100 men are down and bleeding, the rest will suddenly find a strong desire to be at home. And those out-of-staters will suddenly think Illinois would be a good place to be,
Rand Paul, Blacks may be more persecuted than Whites perhaps because Blacks have a higher expectancy of getting free stuff if they violate the same laws that white folks obey. It comes down to a personal decision to obey or disobey societal laws. I know that I never have rioted and looted, or burned down someone else's business. I have never attacked a police office. What makes me different from Michael Brown or the Blacks of Ferguson?
No, O.J. was a miscarriage of justice.
Sansebastian, That would equally apply to both Black and White.
How could it be any other way?
Wee willie, I missed you on the col mun where a homosexual Democratic Donor/Bundler was accused of raping a teenaged boy. You must have missed that one.
What? Do you expect Al Sharpton to pay taxes? What are you ... some kind of racist?
Where is homosexual wee willie to preach the benefits of homosexuality?
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