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force is still force, isn't it?
You must force the people of Christian faith to stain their faith to satisfy you?
Heterosexual partners have a greater chance of producing children than homosexual partners. Children are the future of the country. No children, the country dies. Homosexuality is societal death.
See, there you go. You can't get your way and so you attempt to force people to accept you thru running businesses out of business. Is that disassociating from them? Better to start your own bakery business and take over that part of business they do not want. Start your own bar and advertise "Gays Only". I'll bet nobody would care. And if government can force me to accept you, then that same government could force you to go to my church. The only thing that is different is the words. Force is still force.
jonathanb12 Wrote (10:09 AM): "Jesus Christ, Moses, Allah. "Prove anyone of those three ever said one word on the subject. And the bible, Torah and Koran are not proof. "As for parents and grand parents and great grand parents, mine never had a problem with gay people. Not everyone objected to it. Most just never understood it." All you have to do, Jonathan, is read the Bible and Koran. Their views are written within the pages. Your mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather did not have a choice. You forced it on them and they had to accept it or disown you. Apparently, they loved you more than you loved them.
Aah, that is where you are wrong. Taxes and government funding has been stated as the reason for this push by homosexuals right here on these threads.
jonathanb12 Wrote (9:57 AM): "And we have the same right of association socially and in business. So when we disagree with you we are going to make sure we exercise our free speech and let everyone know not to do business with you just like you refuse to do business with us. You reap what you sow . "Unless you are claiming you have the right to boycott us for being gay or supporting gay rights and not associate with us but we cannot do the same, The sword cuts both ways. "I actually think the state should not have fined the photographer or the baker in the wedding service cases. The free market you conservatives claim to love took care of the problem much more efficiently." But you do NOT have the right to force others to associate with you. And, yes, we can exclude you from our association for whatever reason makes you different from us. even the Phelps' of the world can exclude anyone they choose from the church for any reason. Please use the sword to cut us off from you. Tell the government that it has no authority to demand our acceptance of homosexuality within our midst. Separate from us... I dare you. And when your generation of homosexuals dies off from lack of fertility, where will you get your next generation... from recruiting in our schools?
'Jews in East Ukraine Ordered to Register" Echoes from the past. Anyone remember Chamberlain?
AZ has kept McCain in office, why not KS
Why not? Democrats never die politically, they just change venue.
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