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Who's Afraid of the Fiscal Cliff?

birdfighter Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 6:42 PM
A truly free and democratic country has diverse and independent sources of power within society, not just govt power. Such independent sources of power are both individuals and groups, such as religion, business, NRA, ACLU, Salvation Army, etc, including the rich. Yes, the rich gave us pro football and hollywood and many prosperous corporations. The rich with their philanthropy and business sense have done more good for society than govt ever has. Obama wants to destroy all independent sources of power not allied with him(labor unions). The GOP is so lame-brained it can't defend the rich as legitimate, so the GOP just goes along with Obama.
Were the average Republican asked for a succinct statement of his views on taxation, he or she might respond thus:

"U.S. tax rates are too high for the world we must compete in. The tax burden -- federal, state, local, together -- is too heavy. We need to cut tax rates to free up our private and productive sector and pull this economy out of the ditch."

This core conviction holds the party together.

Yet today the leadership is about to abandon this conviction to sign on to higher tax rates or revenues, while the economy is nearing stall speed. Yet,...