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Progressives’ Ultimate Fetish

birdfighter Wrote: Apr 21, 2013 3:08 PM
You know, some anthropoligists are pretty sure that it is language that separates humanity from the animals, that is, makes us superior to all other animals and a class to ourselves. Some people even say we are made in the image of god. A dog can respond to symbols,but it can't write an essay. You see, to write an essay you must have a deeper understanding within you than just recognizing symbols--and that deeper understanding is the tools of language.

Progressives can’t help themselves. When a normal person hears of a tragedy, they feel the natural range of emotions – fear, anger, sympathy, etc. But progressives are not normal humans. When they hear news of a tragedy their first thought is “How can this help the cause?” There’s something oddly perverse about this mental defect that somehow overrides decency in tragedy’s aftermath, but it’s as widespread amongst the political left as freckles are on redheads.

Harsh? Perhaps. But sometimes the truth hurts.

In the hours after the Boston Marathon bombing, the usual suspects of progressive grave-dancers succumbed to the music...